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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Indian Village, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Indian Village, Indian Village Essay
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Indian villages are lovely and quiet. Life in an Indian village is generally calm & peaceful. Individuals living in Indian villages have a simple existence. They are gracious and accommodating and appreciate life in the midst of nature. Be that as it may, they face numerous hardships in their everyday life because of the absence of present-day services in the villages. Contrasted with essential enhancements accessible to the city tenants, Indian villages need behind in a few viewpoints.

While the cities are provided with 24 hours of power, Indian villages still experience the ill effects of unscheduled power cuts and unattended deficiencies. The streets also are inadequately kept up in Indian villages alongside unexpected frailty offices. The number of schools, universities, and the nature of instruction in Indian villages is additionally low when contrasted with the urban areas. Regardless of the considerable amount of weaknesses, life in an Indian village is unwinding, and today village the travel industry has become the quickest developing industry in India. 


Example #1 of Essay on Indian Village

Indian villages are having very simple, systematic and arranged life. Individuals in Indian villages generally get up promptly in the first part of the day and start with their everyday errands. Agriculture is the primary occupation of individuals living in the villages. Individuals here are occupied with various agrarian exercises. The men of the house go for their work early. They work hard throughout the day and come back before supper.

Women in Indian villages are typically bound to the family errands. Young women are made to get familiar with the family unit work, for example, cooking, cleaning, and sewing since the beginning. They help their mom with these standard assignments. Numerous individuals in villages don't lean toward sending their little girls to class as they trust it isn't required since they just need to deal with the family unit errands as they grow up.

Be that as it may, the attitude of individuals is changing now, and some of them have begun sending their little girls to class and are in any event, sending them to close by villages or urban areas for advanced education. This is a positive change.

Individuals in Indian villages live in congruity with one another. They visit each other routinely and are there to help and bolster each other. While life in Indian villages is, to a great extent, the absence of fundamental luxuries in a significant number of these villages is an issue for the residents.


Example #2 of Essay on Indian Village

India is having more than six lakhs villages spread the nation over. Every village has its own way of life and story to tell. While the conventions and customs of individuals living in various villages in India change radically, one thing that they share is their simpleness. Individuals living in the Indian villages are grounded and near their underlying foundations. Life in Indian villages is serene and euphoric.


Family and Relationships in Indian Villages

Individuals in villages have well-characterized jobs. The women in the villages remain at home and take care of all the family errands while the men go out and procure their employment. Most families living in Indian villages still pursue the joint family framework. The older folks in the family take significant family choices, and everybody regards their choices. Everybody in the family knows his/her job and obligations, and they satisfy them.

Life in Indian villages is very cheerful and fun as individuals live in amicability with one another. Since the beginning, youngsters are instructed to share and mind. They are not made to remain inside, confined from the outside world. Or maybe, they are urged to mingle and investigate the natural environment. Individuals love visiting one another.

They praise celebrations and other unique events together and are likewise there to help each other at whatever point need be. So, they are encompassed by their friends and family consistently, not at all like those living in urban areas. This is useful for the advancement of the kids and furthermore incredible for the older folks in the family.


Indian Villages Promote Healthier Life

Indian villages are as yet undisturbed by contamination. The air here is crisp and unadulterated. This is one reason individuals in villages have a more advantageous existence. Furthermore, they additionally take part in a lot of physical exercises which keeps them fit and sound.

Stress and depression are the reasons for various medical issues nowadays. Individuals in villages are encompassed continuously by their families. Accordingly, instances of sadness, anxiety, and gloom are very low here, as are the instances of other medical problems caused because of these conditions.

Experts regularly prescribe individuals living in the cities to spend hardly any days in a village to recapture their wellbeing. Remaining in the midst of nature and breathing outside air can drive numerous medical issues away.


Improvement of Indian Villages

Indian villages have not progressed as much as the cities. Numerous Indian villages come up short on even the essential enhancements, for example, sanitation office, power, and great water system offices. Tragically also though we as a country have grown, so a lot and are outfitted with all the cutting edge offices, individuals in Indian villages are as yet without also the easiest of offices that are a need today.

The legislature of India must step up to the plate and build up the Indian villages to guarantee an agreeable and helpful life for the individuals living in these regions. This must start by giving fundamental conveniences here. The streets must be grown, great schools and universities must be set up, and great social insurance offices ought to be made accessible.

Individuals must be sharpened about the significance of looking after cleanliness. They should likewise be told about the importance of instructing their youngsters.

Farmers in India are enduring because of the absence of a proper water system, non-accessibility of good cultivating types of gear, and different intends to do cultivating and other rural exercises. The government must give help to the farmers and search for approaches to elevate them.


The Final Words

Life in Indian villages can be characterized as simple and unadulterated. Even though individuals living in these villages frequently grumble of the absence of current offices, the more significant part of them is not prepared to move to urban areas as the advantages of living in these serene surroundings regularly exceed the issues looked by them at urban areas.

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