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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Indian Education System, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Indian Education System
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The Indian education system has changed over time. A significant change in our education system accompanied the colonization of the nation by the Britishers. It was the British Government that presented current education in India, as they needed some educated Indians to help them in managing the state. The Indian education system is chiefly separated into four phases – lower essential, upper essential, secondary school, and higher secondary.

Studies pursue a fixed educational plan to the tenth standard; however, in higher secondary, they get the opportunity to browse different streams, for example, science, trade, and so forth. Aside from certain printed changes and after some time corrections, not a lot has changed in the Indian Education system. The need to change and rebuild our education system has been felt much time. Be that as it may, no substantial advances have yet been taken toward this path.


Example #1 of Essay on Indian Education System

The Indian education system is very not quite the same as that of the remote countries. The educational plan in the western nations is known to be very light and dependent on reasonable information, though, in India, the attention is on theoretical information and gaining marks. 

Studies are relied upon to mug up a great many sections and bring decent numbers in the class. The marking system in the Indian schools starts from the essential classes in this way troubling little children. The challenge is continuously developing. Guardians need their youngsters to beat their companions and teachers need their class to show improvement over different classes.

They are so blinded by the desire to remain in front of the challenge that they don't understand that they are pushing the children off course. At an age when the studies ought to be allowed to investigate their inclinations and sharpen their innovative side, they are pressurized to pursue a set educational program and trudge day and night to get great imprints.

Rather than causing the studies to understand different ideas of arithmetic, material science, and different subjects with the goal that they can utilize them at various stages throughout their life, the attention is on aimlessly learning the parts whether the ideas are seen so that one can get great imprints. In this way, the very premise of the Indian education system is unseemly. 


Example #2 of Essay on Indian Education System

The education system of India is one of the most seasoned education systems around the world. Tragically while the education systems of different countries have experienced significant changes with the changing occasions and mechanical headway, we have as yet stayed with the old and unremarkable system. Neither has our system seen any substantial change in the educational program nor has there been any noteworthy change in the manner the education is bestowed.


Issues with Indian Education System

The Indian education system has various issues that block the best possible development and improvement of a person. One of the fundamental issues with the Indian education system is its checking system. The knowledge of the studies is decided by the manner in which they perform in a 3-hour theoretical paper as opposed to by their general performance in the class. 

In such a situation, learning methods to get good marks turns into the sole point of the studies. They are not ready to think beyond it. They are not interested in getting ideas or upgrading their insight. All the work on is to search for ways to get great marks.

Another issue is that the emphasis is just on hypothesis. No significance is given to handy learning.

Academics are given such a lot of significance that the need to include the studies in sports and craftsmanship exercises is ignored. Studies are likewise overburdened with examines. Ordinary tests are held, and studies are investigated at each progression. This makes intense worry among the studies. The anxiety of the studies keeps on developing as they advance to higher classes.


Approaches to Improve Indian Education System

Numerous thoughts and recommendations have been shared to improve the Indian education system. Some of the approaches to change our education system for good are as given below:


Focus on Skill Development: It is a great opportunity for the Indian education system to quit putting such a great amount of significance on the marks and ranks in the class. The intellectual, critical thinking, explanatory, and innovative thinking aptitudes about the studies must be improved. To do so, they should be associated with different scholarly and extra-curricular exercises as opposed to confining them in the dull study hall sessions. 


Confer Practical Knowledge: Reasonable information is imperative to build up a careful comprehension of any subject. Be that as it may, our Indian education system centers mostly around theoretical information. This should be changed. Studies must be bestowed down to earth information for better understanding and application.


Change the Curriculum: The educational program of our schools and universities is the equivalent for decades. It is a perfect time to transform it according to the changing times with the goal that the studies learn things increasingly applicable to their occasions.

For example, Computer should get one of the primary subjects in schools with the goal that studies figure out how to function productively on the equivalent from the earliest starting point. Additionally, there ought to be classes on growing excellent communication skills as it is the need of great importance.


Contract Better Teaching Staff: To save a couple of bucks, the educational foundations in our nation employ teachers who request less pay regardless of whether they are not profoundly gifted and experienced. This methodology must be changed. Great school personnel must be contracted to sustain the young mind well.


Need to Focus Beyond Academics: The education system of our nation must look beyond academics. Sports, debates, and different activities should likewise be initiated to guarantee the all-round development of students.



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