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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on India of My Dreams, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on India of My Dreams, India of My Dreams Essay
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India is a country where individuals from various cultures and religions live in harmony with one another. In any case, discrimination is done based on an individual's gender, class, creed, religion, and monetary status in numerous parts of the nation. India I had always wanted would be where there is no such discrimination.

India has seen a lot of advancement in the field of science, technology, education just as different circles in the course of the most recent couple of decades. I dream of India as a completely developed nation that doesn't only exceed expectations in the previously mentioned fields yet additionally keeps on keeping its social legacy unblemished.


Example #1 of Essay on India of My Dreams

India enjoys a rich social legacy. Individuals have a place with different castes, ideologies, and religions live calmly in this nation. Notwithstanding, there are certain groups of individuals that attempt to compel individuals to serve their personal stakes along these lines hampering harmony in the country. I dream of India that is without such troublesome propensities. It ought to be where distinctive ethnic groups live in ideal agreement with one another.

I additionally dream of India, similar to a country where each resident is educated. I need the individuals of my nation to comprehend the significance of education and guarantee that their children look for instruction as opposed to enjoying humble occupations at a young age. Grown-ups who have botched an opportunity to consider during their youth should likewise join grown-up instruction classes to look for education to get a more beautiful line of work for themselves.

I need the legislature to give equal employment chances to all, so the adolescent land meriting positions and contribute towards the development of the country. I need the nation to turn out to be technologically modern and see development in every one of the fields. Finally, I need India to be where girls are treated with deference and are given equivalent open doors as men.


Example #2 of Essay on India of My Dreams

India is where individuals having a place with various ethnic groups, stations, and religions live genially. It brags of a rich, variegated social legacy. Even though colonized for a significant period, India has made considerable progress as far back as its freedom. It has seen an enormous social and financial development in the course of the most recent few decades. But still, there is a lot of economic and social dissimilarity in the country.

Individuals are additionally looked downward on due to their standing and strict inclinations in numerous parts of the nation. India I had always wanted would be where each resident enjoys a genuine opportunity of equity. 


Fields of Improvement: There are various zones that our nation still needs to work upon to develop and grow further. Here is a gander at the four key zones that require quick consideration:


Education: Education is the basic building block for any country. One of the significant disadvantages in our nation is that individuals still don't perceive the significance of instruction. Those living in neediness or beneath destitution line especially neglect the importance of getting educated. They don't understand that the absence of education is one of the principal factors answerable for their poverty.

The Government is finding a way to guarantee that an ever-increasing number of individuals approach education by method for advancing the privilege of free and obligatory instruction for kids and furthermore by opening grown-up instruction schools. India I had always wanted would be where each resident is instructed and gifted.


Gender Discrimination: This is another issue that should be worked upon. While girls are getting mindful of their privileges and are doing great in different fields, regardless, they need to battle various chances to make their place in the general public. The birth of a girl child is as yet thought to be a revile in numerous parts of the nation.

Young girls are not urged to go for higher examinations. Indeed, even the individuals who are well-qualified are relied upon to take care of their family post marriage as opposed to working outside. At work, the wages paid to girls are lesser than that paid to the men, and the list of discrimination goes on. I dream of India that is without victimization girls.


Technological Advancement: While India has seen a great deal of development and progression in the field of science and technology, despite everything, it requires working harder in this circle. It is miserable to perceive how genius minds from the nation fly abroad to look for work openings and add to the mechanical and modern progressions of those nations as opposed to adding to the improvement of their own country. I dream of India that offers great employment chances to meriting people and, together with all work towards the further mechanical progression of the nation. 


Corruption Rate: The corruption rate in India is continuously developing. Various instances of assault, burglary, settlement, and murder are accounted for every day, and numerous others go unnoticed/unreported — the absence of instruction, joblessness, and poverty significantly characteristic towards this. India I had always wanted would be where the administration is increasingly touchy towards the wellbeing and security of the individuals. It would be a spot free from a wide range of corruption and misuse.


The Final Words: India has seen a fast, modern development, technological headway, and progress in a few different fields in the course of the most recent couple of decades. Nonetheless, there is still a great deal of extension for development. India was once called the brilliant sparrow on account of the thriving it delighted in. I need the nation to achieve that magnificence once more. I don't need it to appreciate only financial extravagance yet, besides becoming more extravagant socially and socially. Every one of the residents of the nation must be dealt with similarly, and there ought to be no discrimination or foul play.

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