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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Hostel Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Hostel Life Essay, Essay On Hostel Life
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Hostel life is viewed as the best part of a student's life. The individuals who have experienced it depend on it and the individuals who haven't wish they could. Hostel life accompanies its arrangement of favorable circumstances and impediments. Hostel life is loaded with companions, fun, and freedom. It gives various recollections to the students to esteem until the end of time. A student who has experienced hostel life is in an ideal situation at making choices and shaping perspectives about different things.

However, hostel life likewise has certain disadvantages. With freedom and no parents, it needs solid assurance to adhere to your schedule of studies and other extracurricular activities. Hostel life additionally shows the challenge of opposing bad habits that could ruin health, profession, and life also.


Example #1 of Essay on Hostel Life

Hostel life is a delightful stage. It takes a couple of days for new students to adjust to the hostel conditions. However, before long get acclimated with the equivalent and start an adventure, which is appreciated for quite a while.

Youths nowadays are amazingly spoiled. They get what they need and are taking the most extreme steps. From eating to resting to shopping, their parents are consistently there to deal with each and every detail. However, when they are selected at a hostel and start their life at this new place they have to figure out how to be increasingly autonomous and less demanding. They require dealing with all their everyday needs all alone.

From pressing their garments to shopping the things of need, they figure out how to do everything all alone. While they may think that it's somewhat troublesome now and again, it is likewise very energizing to have discovered this sentiment of freedom. They figure out how to handle various circumstances and make choices on different issues without anyone else. They find out about the magnificence and intensity of fellowship. Companionships made during the hostel life keep going for an actual existence time.

There is one thing that most students loathe about hostel life, and that is the hostel food. However, with everything taken into account, it is an extraordinary experience.


Example #2 of Essay on Hostel Life

My dad is in a transferable job and subsequently needs to move to another city like clockwork. This was affecting my examinations as the investigation example, and training strategies vary all around. Exactly when I used to get familiar with the teachers, students, and the school condition after incredible trouble, we got the news that we needed to move to another city. To conquer this issue, my parents chose to select me at a hostel.

As I started my hostel life, I took half a month to set myself sincerely and change following the new condition similarly to each new student at the hostel does. However, I, before long, got acquainted with the new place and made many companions. I had been very modest and saved before I entered the hostel. I was reliant on my parents for each little need.

In any case, hostel life has transformed me into an intense and sure individual. I would now be able to manage troublesome circumstances easily. I don't freeze or get enthusiastic effectively. I have risen as a tough individual. This might be because living in a hostel instructs us to live autonomously, and we will undoubtedly assume responsibility for our life.

As energized as I am to visit my home, I am similarly eager to return to the hostel as the vacation reaches the end. I anticipate meeting my companions and carrying on with my life over in that little hostel room. I expect the table tennis room where I go through hours establishing new precedents and the hostel ground where I sit with my companions chattering about different things. The hostel has become a second home for me.


The Final Words

To finish up, I can say that the hostel is the best thing that has happened to me. It has changed my character for good.


Example #3 of Essay on Hostel Life

Ask students whether life in a hostel is fortunate or unfortunate, and he will portray every one of the upsides and downsides of the hostel life. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you ask a grown-up who has had an experience of living in a hostel, he is probably going to portray his recollections affectionately and reveal to you that it was the best period of his life. This is because there are sure challenges of living in the hostel anyway the advantages it offers outperform them, and with time, it is just the decency that we recall. Notwithstanding, everybody can have an alternate experience.


Hostel Life is Largely Good

I have been living in the hostel for around four years now, and my experience has, to a great extent, been great. I am very appended to my parents, and being a single child, I have consistently been very spoiled. My parents and grandparents have given me immense love and dealt with every one of my needs.

This is the reason the underlying days in the hostel were tough for me. I was in the fifth standard when my parents selected me here. I had never lived even a single day without my mom until that time. It was amazingly difficult for me to live without her, especially. Nonetheless, I before long became companions with my roommates, and the moonlight trip started. I was blessed to have discovered similar roommates.

Step by step, we discovered that we shared a ton for all intents and purposes, thus a lot to discuss. We have become the best of companions from that point forward. We study, play, move, and appreciate various activities together. Their kinship is the best part of my hostel life. There is only no weariness when you are in a hostel as you are always encompassed by companions.

I additionally love the way that living in the hostel has made me autonomous. I have figured out how to watch and get individuals and circumstances before taking any choice about them. This has made me progressively sure.

Yet, I truly miss the home-prepared food. I anticipate the special seasons not just because I am anxious to meet my family, however, besides, since I desire the yummy food made by my mom. Pressing the garments and cleaning my restroom are scarcely any different things that I disdain about the hostel. However, it is a vital part of hostel life.


The Final Words

To close, I would state, I am appreciative of my parents for giving me a chance to experience the excellent hostel life. This has caused me to become experienced and deal with a large portion of my needs all alone.

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