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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Girl Education, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Importance of Girl Education, Essay on Girl Education
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Education is a fundamental part of a living being, regardless of whether it's a girl child or a girl. Education causes a person to be more brilliant, to adapt to new things, and to think about the realities of the world. Education is one of the most crucial factors for Women Empowerment. It additionally puts a stop to discrimination based on gender. Education is the initial step to enable women to pick the lifestyle she needs to lead.


Example #1 of Essay on Girl Education

Girl Education in India is, to a great extent, necessary for the development of the country since girls can do a lot more as compared with the boys. These days girl education is vital and is likewise mandatory since girls are the future of the nation. In India, a girl's education is important to grow socially and monetarily.

Educated women yield a positive effect on Indian culture through their commitment to proficient fields like – medicinal, defense administrations, science, and technology. They do great business and are likewise knowledgeable in dealing with their homes and office. An improved economy and society are the result of a girl's education.

Girl education in early Indian culture was very great; however, in the middle age, it was not a direct result of various confinements towards women. Be that as it may, again, it is showing signs of improvement step by step as individuals in India have comprehended the way that without the development and advancement of women, the development of the nation is absurd. The fact of the matter is the balanced development of both genders will support the financial and social development in each territory of the country. 


Example #2 of Essay on Importance of Girl Education

As far as population, India is the second biggest country on the earth, and the pace of female education is very low in India. Girl education was the subject of stress in India in the middle age; however, it has now been settled to a tremendous degree. Education to women has been given a great deal of need in India, only like men to convey some reassuring changes in society. Already women were not allowed to leave the door of their homes. They were just limited to the family unit labors.


Upliftment of Girl Education

The Upliftment of girl education was primarily done by Raja Ram Mohan Ray and Iswara Chandra Vidyasagar during the British rule in India. They focused on girl education. Additionally, there were a few leaders like Jyotiba Phule and Baba Sahib Ambedkar from a lower standing society who took different activities to make education accessible to the women of India. It was with their endeavors that after Independence, the administration likewise received various measures to give education to women. Thus, the women's proficiency rate has grown up since 1947.

Regardless of the way that a lot more women are getting educated, and women are proficient these days, there is as yet a gap between the education pace of people. In the case that we look nearer towards the women's education rate, the circumstance seems hugely disheartening. As indicated by a study, just 60% of girls get primary education, and further, it lets down definitely to 6% with regards to high secondary education.


Components Responsible for Low Rate of Girl Education

There are a few factors which are responsible in our Indian culture which limit the girls to go to attend schools, these are:


Poverty – Though primary education is made free, still there is a great deal of cost engaged with sending children to class. It incorporates the expense of uniform, stationery, books, and conveyance, which is a lot for a family living beneath the poverty line. They can't manage the cost of a day's meal; education costs are too far even to consider incurring. That is the motivation behind why parents like to keep their girl child at home.


Distance – In numerous parts of India, an elementary school is arranged excessively far away from the villages. There are a few hours' walks to arrive at the school. Remembering the wellbeing and other security factors, parents confine the girl child to go to class.


Instability – Girls now and again need to confront different types of viciousness at the school. Remembering savagery for the best approach to class by the teacher, understudies, and others engaged with the school condition. So girls' parents feel that she probably won't be sheltered at that spot, consequently preclude them from going to class. 


Pessimistic Attitude – People, for the most part, feel that a girl ought to figure out how to cook, how to keep up the house, and to do family unit undertakings as these ought to be the basic focal point of girl's life. Their commitment to the family unit labor is esteemed more than their education.


Child Marriage – In Indian culture, still there are instances of child marriage. A girl is compelled to wed at an early age and is frequently hauled out of the school at an early age. Because of early marriage, they get pregnant at an early age, and along these lines, all their time is given towards the child, and no time is left for contemplating. 


Girl child Labor – This is additionally a significant reason to preclude girls from considering. Laboring and winning at an early age is the primary factor to be considered answerable for not contemplating. Parents, because of poverty, allow girls to work at an early age.


Religious factor – India is an immense nation and comprises of different religions. Some religious people likewise preclude the girl child to be educated. As indicated by them, it is against the religion. 


The Final Words

There is a massive need for teaching parents about the benefits and advantages of girl child education. It's the duty of the administration as well as to teach individuals around us. Interestingly, our P.M. has taken a generally excellent activity towards the girl child education through 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaigns in villages. According to him, on the off chance that we need to see our nation grew, at that point, we need to make all girls educated.

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