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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Freedom of Speech, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech Essay
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Freedom of speech is one of the significant rights of the citizens of India. Numerous countries around the globe enable freedom of speech to its citizens to allow them to share their contemplations and perspectives.

The government of India and numerous different countries give freedom of speech to their citizens. This is particularly so in countries with a democratic government.


Example #1 of Essay on Freedom of Speech

'Freedom of speech' is one of the most basic & fundamental rights given to the citizens of India. It enables the citizens of our nation to express their thoughts and offer their feelings openly. It permits the overall population just as the media to remark on any of the political activities and even show uneasiness against the ones they find improper.

Much the same as India, numerous different countries additionally give the Freedom of Speech and Expression to its citizens; however, with certain constraints. The confinements put on the Freedom of Speech change from nation to nation.

There are additionally numerous countries that don't permit this essential human right. The overall population and the media in such countries are shunned, remarking on the activities did by the administration. Analysis of government, political parties, or ministers is a punishable offense in such countries.

While Freedom of Speech is fundamental for the general development of the general public, it might have certain negative repercussions as well. Individuals must not utilize it to insult or actuate others. The media should likewise act dependably and not abuse the Freedom of Speech.

I consider myself lucky & fortunate to have born in India – a nation that regards its citizens and furnishes them with every one of the rights that are required for their development and improvement.


Example #2 of Essay on Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech' is one of the most basic & fundamental rights given to the citizens of the vast majority of the countries over the globe. It empowers the individuals living in those countries to express their genuine thoughts without the dread of being rebuffed by the law.

The idea of freedom of speech began long back. Britain's Bill of Rights 1689 received the ability to speak freely as a protected right, and it is still basically. The French insurgency in 1789 received the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen. This further asserted the Freedom of Speech as a certain right. The right of Freedom of Speech and Expression in Article 11 states that: 

"The freedom of communication of thoughts and expressions is one of the most valuable of all the rights. Each citizen may, as needs be, talk, compose, and print with opportunity; however, it will be answerable for such maltreatment of this opportunity as will be characterized by law". 

The Global Declaration of Human Rights that was received in the year 1948 additionally expresses that everybody ought to have the opportunity to express their thoughts and expressions. The freedom of speech and Expression has now framed a piece of the universal and local human rights law.

A democratic government gives different rights to its kin, including the privilege to choose the administration of their nation. The freedom of speech and articulation is known to shape the premise of a vote based country. Only selecting the administration is no utilization if the citizens don't reserve the privilege to voice their expression if they feel that the elected government isn't executing according to the principles set by it at first. This is the reason right to the freedom of speech is a fundamental right in the popularity based countries. It shapes the premise of a democratic system.

The freedom of speech enables the individuals to share their thoughts and realize positive changes in the general public.


Example #3 of Essay on Freedom of Speech

The freedom of speech is viewed as a fundamental right that each individual must be entitled to. It is among the seven central rights given to the citizens of India by the Indian constitution. It frames a piece of the Right to Freedom that incorporates the ability to speak freely and articulation, right to life and freedom, opportunity of development, opportunity of living arrangement, right to rehearse any calling, opportunity to shape associations, affiliations or cooperatives, insurance as to conviction in offenses and assurance against capture now and again.

The freedom of speech is fundamental for the all-round development and advancement of an individual just as a country all in all. Forcing limitations on what one talks or hears can hamper the improvement of an individual. It can even make uneasiness and disappointment that prompts pressure. A country loaded up with individuals brimming with discontent can never develop the correct way. 

The freedom of speech offers an approach to open discussions that aides in return of thoughts, which is basic for the development of the general public. It is likewise fundamental to express one's supposition about the political arrangement of the nation. 

Freedom of speech is firmly identified with different rights. It is primarily required to secure different rights given to the citizens. It is just when individuals reserve the privilege to express and talk uninhibitedly, they can speak more loudly against anything that turns out badly. It empowers them to take a functioning part in democratic government as opposed to simply being associated with the political decision process.

So also, they can protect other various rights.

It is likewise firmly identified with the Right to Fair Trial. The freedom of speech and Expression empowers an individual to put over his point openly during a preliminary, which is incredibly essential. 

The freedom of speech enables us to speak more loudly against any sort of unfairness occurring around. The governments of the countries which offer Right to Information and Opinion and Freedom of Speech and Expression should likewise respect the expressions and thoughts of their citizens and be open to change.

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