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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Fashion, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Fashion, Fashion Essay
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Fashion is something that is in vogue. This especially alludes to apparel, haircut, footwear, and different embellishments. Individuals nowadays are specific about remaining in fashion, and along these lines, pursue the fashion inclines strictly. Various sorts of fashions come in the pattern the world over from time to time. India is a place where there is a changing culture, and in this way, unique fashion patterns are followed in various pieces of the nation.

Indian fashion industry saw shelter, post advancement in the 1990s. In the next decades, the fashion industry in India has advanced to turn out to be a multimillion-dollar industry that offers work to thousands. Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta go about as the fashion center points of India, while numerous other significant urban communities like Bangalore and Hyderabad additionally have generation and rental offices.


Example #1 of Essay on Fashion

The young people of our nation pursues fashion patterns like no other age. In contrast to older individuals, youngsters love trying different things with their looks. They don't stop for a second in attempting new things and tolerating change. Henceforth, they are consistently vigilant for new fashion patterns.


The Relation Between Fashion and Youth

The Corporate Culture

The youth in our nation has never been as aware of fashion as it has become in the present occasions. The way of life in our country is continually changing. Individuals nowadays work in corporate workplaces that pursue the way of life of mingling. Corporate gatherings and parties are tossed from time to time.

An individual's appearance helps in establishing a connection, and thus a great deal of significance is surrendered to dressing admirably. Presently, sprucing up well has gotten synonymous with taking on the appearance of per the most popular trend, remembering the place and event. The young lot particularly sets aside out effort to search for popular outfits, watches, wallets, purses, and footwear to put their best during special occasions as well as even on an ordinary day.


The Role of Social Media

Online life has additionally expanded fashion fever among the young. Individuals, particularly the youthful parcel, display everything on the web-based life. They post their photos wearing stylish garments, utilizing the most modern devices, and relaxing at the most happening bars and cafés. This has gotten popular in the present occasions. Posting pictures and survey the photos posted by others is the most loved past time of the young today. They move each other to look trendy by method for such pictures and posts. They buy chic garments and visit happening places in their town and show it off using web-based social networking stages.


Feel-Good Factor

In the present occasions, when there is such a lot of rivalry and stress all around, fashion offers a feeling of discharge from every one of these things. It is appropriately stated, when you look great, you feel better. The youth pursues this mantra strictly. Following fashion and remaining in fashion renders a decent vibe factor, and the youth is subsequently disposed to take on this way.


The Final Words

For the young, after a fashion has become a style of life. They keep a tab on the most popular trend drifts by method for the web and fuse them in their lives. The big names exceptionally propel them and attempt to emulate their fashion to appear as though them.


Example #2 of Essay on Fashion

Fashion Trends change with each passing season. Individuals who spruce up, as indicated by the most popular trend styles are considered up to check while the individuals who stick to the old ones. In the present occasions, our form and fashion mirror our character to a considerable degree.


Fashion Trends among Young Girls

Young girls please the topmost position with regards to following fashion patterns. They are also the ones who have plenty of decisions with regards to stylish garments, embellishments, sacks, footwear, and hairdos. 

While in the previous occasions, little youngsters used to take a sign about the most stylish trend patterns from the fashion magazines, most recent network shows and films in the present times it has gotten a lot simpler to discover what's in vogue. While the web made it simple, the coming of the web-based life has made it simpler. Little youngsters pursue fashion gatherings and online journals to realize what is inclining in the realm of fashion. They likewise pursue their preferred famous people via web-based networking media stages, for example, Instagram and Facebook, to see their most recent pictures. They are enlivened by the lovely dresses, hairdos, and embellishments of the superstars and attempt to join them.


Fashion Trends among Young Men

Youngsters nowadays have likewise developed very fashion conscious. They additionally pursue their preferred big names on the web-based life and attempt to look as cool as them. Nowadays, little children have begun heading off to the salons like never before. They get their hair cut and nails cut.

They additionally search for most stylish trend attire and style up in like manner. Youngsters are particularly impressed with watches and shoes. They monitor the most recent observations propelled by various brands and display them to amp their fashion. Moreover, they additionally keep a tab on the most recent shoe drifts and join them. Numerous men admire certain famous people and style up like them.


Fashion Trends among the Middle-Aged People

The young people of the nation, and also the middle-aged individuals, similarly fashion cognizant. They loathe being called old and obsolete and therefore pursue the most popular trend slants reliably. There are a ton of alternatives & options with regards to the middle-aged people, and these patterns continue evolving as well.

While the garments and extras for the youth are progressively energetic and noisy, the fashion wear for the moderately aged individuals is increasingly inconspicuous and renders them a rich look.


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