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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Mahatma Gandhi Essay, Essay on Mahatma Gandhi
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Mahatma Gandhi considered being responsible for the all-round improvement of an individual by method for educating him on various levels. According to him, an individual is genuinely educated when he can draw out the best from inside. He believed that only procuring literacy doesn't mean being educated. Education includes significantly more. He worried about the moral education of a man more than scholarly education.

As indicated by him, a genuine, legit, and ethically solid unskilled individual is obviously better than an ethically degenerate exceptionally educated person. By the by, he was likewise of the sentiment that education is basic for advancement and development. Yet, the knowledge procured by education must be utilized in the development of the country and the welfare of people.


Example #1 of Essay on Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a profoundly educated and intelligent individual. He completed Law studies from London and turned into an English Barrister. He could have effectively picked a rewarding profession and a settled family life anyway, his adoration for his nation made him plunge into the freedom fight. He surrendered his profession to join the Indian struggle for independence and gave his central core to it.

He knew the significance of education and advanced the equivalent. His educational way of thinking was somewhat extraordinary, however. While the administration worried after being educated and expanding the literacy rate and does that even today, Mahatma Gandhi felt that merely being proficient was insufficient, according to him, it was essential to be educated and create abilities that match one's gauge to do well throughout everyday life. It would not just help in that individual's development and improvement yet additionally demonstrate to be useful for society.

Gandhi Ji believed that simply theoretical knowledge isn't sufficient. It is fundamental to render down to earth knowledge to the students to create appropriate comprehension of the subject. He believed that each individual has the privilege to be educated and that education must be made obligatory for everybody. He worked in the direction of advancing education in India.


Example #2 of Essay on Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi always believed that education is one of the most significant assets in the advancement of a person and also for the society and the country. A country with educated residents can create at a much better speed contrasted with that with the uneducated populace. He believed that each child in India must be educated as education is the way into a decent living. 

Mahatma Gandhi wanted each child to go to class and look for education. He left zero chance to proliferate the significance of education. Be that as it may, he didn't fit in with the Indian education framework.

His way of thinking on education varied a lot from the education framework being followed in our nation. While the schools in India concentrated on theoretical knowledge, Gandhi Ji proposed laying accentuation on functional knowledge. He believed that it is a superior method to summon intrigue and make exhaustive comprehension of the subject. He additionally believed that the students must be shown social abilities and the need to help each other to develop as a country.

He believed that schools must work after summoning the sentiment of patriotism to the students.


Gandhi Ji dreamt for Free and Compulsory Education

Gandhi Ji believed that education is the way to better living. He elevated the privilege of fundamental knowledge. Gandhi Ji was very much aware of the social and financial state of individual Indians. He realized that even though numerous individuals need to send their children to class anyway, they can't bear the cost of the equivalent.

Subsequently, he spoke to make education free for students until the age of 14. He additionally needed education to be made necessary for all with the goal that nobody endures because of the absence of knowledge.


Example #3 of Essay on Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi's point of education was to draw out the best in a student by taking a shot at different perspectives. He believed that education must be to such an extent that it builds up a student rationally, physically, ethically, tastefully, and profoundly. 


Individuals ought to be Educated, Not Just Literate

The term literacy is frequently utilized synonymously with education. It is regularly said that we have to build the education rate for the development and advancement of the nation. Notwithstanding, Gandhi Ji didn't adjust to this thought. He believed that education alone couldn't help. 

He accentuated the need to comprehend the distinction between education and literacy and advanced education. He said that only instructing children to peruse and compose and learn various subjects would not help. They should be educated completely to comprehend different angles and develop at a more profound level.


Education Tools Suggested by Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Ji firmly believed that a child could genuinely create on the off chance that we teach him appropriately and attempt to draw out the best in him. In doing so, he proposed different devices. One of the principle methods recommended by Gandhi Ji to guarantee better comprehension of the subject was to concentrate on down to earth knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge. He believed this was a decent method to summon the student's patriotism for the subject and give more noteworthy comprehension about the equivalent.

Gandhi Ji likewise said after instructing the students in their native language. He believed that students could comprehend a subject better on the off chance that it is educated in their first language. According to him, this will get clearness of contemplations and thoughts. Other than along these lines, students would not exclusively have the option to see better. However, they will likewise have the option to express their thoughts and perspectives effortlessly. The study hall sessions would hence turn out to be progressively intelligent and intriguing. 

Gandhi Ji likewise believed that education must form a student's character and not simply bestow knowledge on various subjects. He said that the students must be made socially mindful from the earliest starting point. Social awareness must be given to the students in school.

He additionally spoke to utilize peaceful approaches to instruct and prepare students with the goal that they make the most of their sessions and anticipate them instead of remaining in consistent dread of the teacher.


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