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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Doctor, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Doctor Examples
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A doctor is a medical professional who conducts health registration and diagnoses any issues identified with an individual's psychological or physical health. Doctors are a vital part of the general public. Doctors have practical experience in various fields to treat and fix different types of medical issues. The field of medical science is very very vast, and it takes long periods of education and thorough preparing to get into this profession.

While joining, a doctor makes a Vow to their uprightness and to not include in any lousy conduct, criminal operations with their patients, or with the general public all in all. A doctor is a friend in need, and s/he is the leading trust in his/her patients. The general public must regard the doctors for their governments; then again, doctors likewise should not pointless attempt to misuse their patients for financial increases.


Example #1 of Essay on Doctor

Doctors, in India, are given a high stature. Be that as it may, the healthcare industry in India isn't at standard with that in the developed nations. Even though we have a great office to contemplate prescription and have a pool of gifted doctors, there is as yet far to go.


Doctors and Healthcare in India

Here is a short take a gander at the state of the healthcare industry and doctors in our nation:

Various private nursing homes and medical clinics are being set up in India. The inconsistency is that none of these is being set up with the point of serving people in general. These are only there to work together.

The legislature has set up various government hospital clinics. A large number of these have a decent foundation anyway. Most are not being overseen well. There is a great deal of debasement at different levels in the healthcare industry. Everybody needs to make cash regardless of whether it is at the expense of somebody's health.

The staff utilized at the government hospital are additionally not resolved to serve the patients appropriately. There are a few cases wherein the reports get lost, and drugs are not offered conveniently to the patients. Moreover, there is a fumble with regards to the supply of meds and therapeutic types of gear to the hospitals' clinic.

Not just the patients, doctors likewise face issues in such a setup. The doctors must check the patient, analyze the problem, complete treatment, and screen the state of the patient. Be that as it may, because of the lack of medical attendants and care staff, doctors are compelled to complete different modest undertakings also. The time the doctors ought to spend in breaking down the reports and checking the patient's condition is spent in undertakings, for example, giving infusions and taking the patients starting with one ward then onto the next. This weights the doctors with work and makes disappointment among them.


Would we be able to Trust the Doctors?

As referenced over, the private medical clinics and nursing homes are being set up with the point of working together and not with the plan to serve general society. This has been demonstrated on numerous occasions by method for a few instances of falsification. Individuals in India fear to visit doctors nowadays because of the trust factor. Numerous individuals incline toward taking meds for regular cold, influenza, and fever at home itself as it is accepted that the doctors may overstate the issue superfluously.


The Final Words

While one can abstain from visiting the doctor for a typical cold and mild fever, it can't be kept away from if the circumstance compounds or if there is some other ailment. It is significant for the doctors to manufacture a trust factor by carrying out their responsibility earnestly.


Example #2 of Essay on Doctor

The field of medication has developed with time, as is the information on the doctors. India is known to have found the solutions for different sicknesses from the old occasions itself. The supernatural medical practices rehearsed here by the vaids and hakims were known to render new life to individuals. They had their own specific manners of extricating waterfall, performing a dental, medical procedure, plastic medical procedure, and then some. 


Medical Practices in Ancient India

The specialty of performing a medical procedure in old India was alluded to as Shastrakarma. It is fundamentally one of the eight parts of Ayurveda. According to the records accessible, Shastrakarma was being drilled in our nation since 800 B.C. Shusruta, Charaka, and Atraya were among the prior Indian medical professionals.

Ayurveda, the antiquated study of medication, is as yet favored for the treatment of different ailments. It is polished in various parts of the nation, and individuals from distant locations abroad visit these experts of antiquated drugs for treatment. The term Ayurveda implies the study of living long. In contrast to the cutting edge medications, Ayurvedic meds and medicines don't have any symptoms. The Ayurvedic meds are exclusively produced using herbs, and home has grown mixes. 


The need for Good and Responsible Doctors

India is known for its virtuoso personalities. Not exclusively individuals from different pieces of the world visit our nation to get medicines using the act of antiquated medical science, Ayurveda, the Indian doctors with information about the cutting edge therapeutic practices, are additionally much sought after around the globe. Since the medicinal degrees offered at the Indian colleges are not perceived in numerous pieces of the world, countless medical aspirants from our nation are presently selecting for medical courses abroad.

Individuals are drawn towards the leading world nations as they offer higher salaries and a better way of life. A few qualified doctors fly abroad from India every year to search for better occupation possibilities. Numerous others are going to consider prescription elsewhere with a point of eventually settling there. One of the essential necessities for improving the healthcare framework in our nation is great doctors. The government of India must find a way to enhance the therapeutic offices in the country just as to stop the mind channel.


Why are Aspiring Doctors Flying Abroad?

Various Indian students traveling to another country to seek after the medical degree. There are a few reasons that draw these students. Also, better occupation prospects, the simplicity of getting affirmation abroad is additionally among the top reasons. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) directed in India to choose students for medical and dental courses in medicinal universities the nation over is relatively very intense. Most students showing up for this test every year neglect to get confirmation, and hence a significant number of them decide to travel to another country to seek after medication. 

The foundation of the medicinal schools and research openings abroad are better, as is the work state of doctors.


The Final Words

While doctors in India are given high respect anyway, the previously mentioned reasons draw in these experts abroad. The legislature of India must find a way to provide better work conditions to the doctors.

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