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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Digital India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Digital India, Digital India Essay
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Digital India is a concept & idea launched by the Government of India on first July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The principle target of the campaign is to make government organizations accessible in electronic structure. Be that as it may, the move requires monstrous mechanical upgrades at ground levels like expanded internet network and infrastructure improvements.

India has immense potential in mobile and internet markets with about 560 Million internet clients. The administration is effective up to a more significant degree in digitalizing regular transactions like – making basic food item installments, taking care of power tabs, documenting objections, going after positions, typical bank transactions, and so on. In the coming years, the administration has intended to make all the critical government organizations digital.


Example #1 of Essay on Digital India

Digital India is a concept launched by the legislature of India on the first of July in 2015 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi, within sight of different top industrialists. It plans to make India a superior, administered spot of the world. This project has been endorsed (worth Rs 1 lakh crore) by the leader of India, Narendra Modi, and expected to be finished by 2019.

The achievement of this program would be the dream works out as expected of Narendra Modi of serving Indian individuals with e-administration. It is to encourage Indian residents with electronic taxpayer ambitious organizations' to lessen desk work, improve work effectiveness, and spare time. 

This arrangement will truly guarantee the development and improvement in India, particularly in the village regions, by interfacing country districts and remote towns with fast internet providers. The general project observing will be under the Prime Minister himself. Residents of digital India may improve their insight and aptitude level in the wake of getting secured under the umbrella of the internet.

It is an ambitious campaign that will profit everybody, particularly residents who travel long separation and sit around idly and cash in doing the paper works for different reasons. It is the best form (with nine columns which are broadband roadways, open Internet get to the program, mobile availability all over the place, e-Kranti, e-Governance, data for all, IT for occupations, early collect projects and gadgets producing) of previously existing National e-Governance Plan.


Example #2 of Essay on Digital India

Digital India is a project begun by the legislature of India on the first of July 2015 (from first to seventh of July as a digital week) to change India into a total carefully enabled just as the developed nation of the world. The different legislative divisions interconnect this undertaking, for example, IT, instruction, farming, and so on, to accomplish a promising brilliant return. It was going and arranged by the service of correspondences and data innovation. It resembles a bright open door for India when got executed appropriately.

At the beginning of the campaign launch, there was an arrangement by the state government to make accessible fast internet association in the right around 250,000 towns and other local locations of the nation. The urgent pretended by the "Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL)" in this project is extremely obvious.

In digital India, there would be simple digitization of information, which will help in making things significantly more proficient and quick later on. It will diminish paperwork, additional labor, and spare time also. This undertaking will take speed by getting married among government and private divisions. An enormous number of towns interconnected with fast infrastructure will genuinely experience an immense change from in backward districts to finish carefully prepared zones. 

Every one of the urban areas, towns, and towns in India will get more technically knowledgeable. This campaign has been wanted to be finished by 2019 with the project of driving organizations (national or worldwide). It has been pronounced by the Ambani to put around 2.5 lac crore in the digital India project.


Example #3 of Essay on Digital India

The Indian government has launched one of the ambitious campaign, called - Digital India, on the first of July, 2015 to change India into an entire digital nation. It is an activity that wanted to carefully enable Indian culture by coordinating the administrative divisions and driving organizations (national or universal level). The fundamental motivation behind digitizing this nation is to make accessible all the ambitious taxpayer organizations at simple reach to the residents of India. There is three key vision part of this program which are:

# Digital infrastructure all through the nation resembles a utility to the Indian individuals as it will make fast, accessible internet conveying all the ambitious taxpayer organizations easily and quick. It will give long-lasting, one of a kind, on the internet and authenticable digital personality to the residents. It will make simple access to any online administrations like dealing with a ledger, budgetary administration, sheltered and secure the internet, instruction, separation learning, and so on. 


# Appeal of proper administration and online administrations will make accessible every one of the administrations progressively through digitization. Carefully changed administrations will likewise advance individuals for doing on the internet business by making money-related transactions simple, electronic, and cashless.


# Digital strengthening of Indian individuals will truly make conceivable of digital education through generally open digital assets. It will empower individuals to submit required reports or endorsements on the internet and not physically in the schools, universities, workplaces, or any association. 


Digital India campaign has been launched & executed by the legislature of India to guarantee the following points of this campaign:


# To guarantee the broadband highways.

# To ensure widespread access to cell phones.

# To encourage individuals with fast internet.

# To bring e-Governance by improving government through digitization.

# To bring e-Kranti through the electronic conveyance of administrations. 

# To make accessible online data for all.

# To guarantee more IT employments.

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