Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Democracy Vs. Dictatorship

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Democracy Vs. Dictators, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Democracy, Democracy Essay
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Democracy is the system of government where individuals are offered the power to choose the political leaders who will form the government. Dictatorship is where a single individual rule. This individual is known as the dictator. In a democracy, residents of the state pick their leaders and assume a functioning job in building countries. Dictatorship interestingly is the kind of Government where the power lies in the hands of a single head, political group, and individuals reserve no right to choose their leader.


Example #1 of Essay on Democracy Vs. Dictatorship 

Democracy is a government formed by individuals. It alludes to the standard of the larger part. The basic standards of democracy are political freedom, the rule of law, and correspondence. Individuals choose political leaders who speak to them and further the basic political leadership at the neighborhood, local, and national levels. Political leaders and groups with a higher part vote are chosen.

The political leaders speak to the individuals, and in this manner, the system is called agent democracy. Democracy is the most well-known type of government over the world. In this type of government, each individual has equivalent rights and freedom to express their considerations and suppositions. Democracy prompts the success and advancement of the general public.

Dictatorship alludes to the type of government where a single individual has outright power and rules the state. The qualities of dictatorship are the suspension of elections, rule by declaration, collective freedoms, the decree of a highly sensitive situation, and restraint of political oppositions without maintaining the standard of law.

Dictators take out specific rights of individuals, for the most part meddling human rights. A dictatorship can be found all through mankind's history. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Benito Mussolini have been a portion of the well-known dictatorship. Individuals regularly feel shaky under a dictatorship.

Democracy offers freedom and voice to the individuals, whereas in a dictatorship, there is merciless mistreatment of individuals.


Example #2 of Essay on Democracy Vs. Dictatorship

The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in democracy, individuals get the chance to pick their leaders while in dictatorship single individual or political element administers the nation. Democracy permits the free advancement of human character while the other type of government blocks the improvement of human character. Both are inverse political methods of reasoning as far as recognition and approach and accompany a few benefits and disadvantages.

The basic attributes of democracy are balance, freedom, and brotherhood. It gives freedom of thought, speech, and articulation. It guarantees productive investment and contribution of the represented in the government. The central guideline of democracy is that power is actualized regarding human rights. It makes individuals intrigued by the nation and its popularity based procedure. In just the government, people's freedom and rights are given significance. Democracy offers the right to qualified individuals to pick their leader, yet a great many people make silly elections. A larger part of the populace in developing countries, for example, India, is unskilled, and the judgment made isn't totally free.

In a dictatorship, the represented reserve no right to voice his/her conclusion. In a dictatorship, supreme power is amassed in the hands of the dictator. A stable and well-run dictatorship can be extremely successful. It can demonstrate to be superior to democracy. However, there is a dread that the dictator may get a dictator and merciless. A dictatorship can run easily and relentlessly as the power lies in the hands of a solitary person. It is exclusively on the dictator concerning how he utilizes the power. He can use it for the headway of the country or for purposes like abusing individuals, fear-based oppression, etc. 


The Final Words

There is no assurance that equity would be served in any type of government. The accomplishment of any kind of government depends on the choice of the ruler, or political leaders chose by-elections. Actually, I esteem the nobility of the individual, balance, and equity. I accept democracy is any day superior to different other options.


Example #3 of Essay on Democracy Vs. Dictatorship

Democracy and Dictatorship are two political ways of thinking. We regularly hear these two terms together as these two are the most typical kinds of government frequently inconsistent with each other. Democracy is the government of the individuals, which offers the right to all the qualified residents to take part in choosing their political leaders by giving them a voice in the enactment. Dictatorship gives total power to one individual, dictator.


Democracy versus Dictatorship

Both democracy and dictatorship have a few advantages and disadvantages. Democracy enables full freedom to the overall population to express their contemplations and have a voice in the enactment. In a dictatorship, individuals will undoubtedly observe the rules and laws chose and characterized by the dictator.

A few characteristics of democracy are the rule of law, freedom of legal executive and press, and human rights. Yet, in unsteady democracy, these might be frail and can prompt moderate financial development. The basic leadership procedure can be much slower than hampers the advancement of the country. In delicate and insecure democracy, political leaders might be immoral and mean.

A solid and stable dictatorship can demonstrate to be superior to a feeble democracy. On the off chance that the dictator is proficient and works for the headway of the country, he can settle on brisk choices and implement discipline for the advancement of the country. In a nation like India, where individuals are insensible and not instructed enough to make the right judgment, the government formed can be immoral. A stable democracy is significant for the advancement of individuals and society.


Which of the Two is Better?

Democracy is better compared with a dictatorship as it permits individuals the right to express and voice their assessment. In a dictatorship, there is no freedom of considerations and articulation, and individuals are exposed to the thoughts and convictions of a solitary ruler. Democracy is the government by the individuals, so it is less imperiled to upset as the individuals pick the government, and they can change their leaders by choosing different leaders. There is no freedom of articulation in a dictatorship, which can prompt despondent individuals and rough insurgencies.

In any case, regardless of whether it is democracy or dictatorship, there is no assurance of a decent direct from any political leader. We are an observer to political leaders who are degenerate or regularly abuse their power to lead their own group. At last character, moral guidelines, honesty, and moral methodology of the political leaders is the thing that prompts stable government.


The Final Words

A decent dictator is superior to a lot of immoral, trivial, and narrow-minded leaders coming to run in Democracy. Then again, a stable democracy with political leaders that work for social change and headway of the general public and country can be superior to a merciless and degenerate dictator. Along these lines, everything relies upon the sort of individual/individuals in control.

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