Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Conservation of Biodiversity, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Conservation of Biodiversity Essay
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Biodiversity alludes to the variability of life on earth and is essential for keeping up the ecological arrangement and balance of our planet. A great many types of animals, vertebrates, invertebrates animals, and amphibian species all together comprise the rich biodiversity of the planet earth. Rich biodiversity is an indication of a healthy environment.

Conservation of biodiversity is crucial for the survival of people just as other living animals on Earth. A great deal of accentuations is being given on the preservation of biodiversity nowadays. This is because rich biodiversity is the thing that makes our planet fit for living. Wherever on earth with rich biodiversity has a wealth of natural resources – freshwater, plants, herbs, clean air, animals and bird species, reptiles, and so on.


Example #1 of Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is important for ecological concordance and harmony. God has made various types of plants and animals, and there is an explanation for these different creations. In any case, we people appear to have chosen to disregard the need to keep up biodiversity and are enjoying different activities that are causing a decline in the same.


Get to know what Biodiversity is?

Biodiversity, otherwise called biological diversity or ecological diversity, is the diversity of the types of plants, animals, and other living life forms on the planet or in a specific territory. There is a need to keep up rich biodiversity as it helps in keeping up the environmental equalization on Earth. This is because every specie of widely varied vegetation has its task to carry out in the environmental system to keep it flawless.


Why Should We Need to Conserve Biodiversity?

Our lovely planet has given us various things that happen here naturally. Natural resources, waterways, valleys, seas, various types of animals, and delightful assortments of plants and trees are among a portion of these. Be that as it may, man is so bustling developing and building up his own counterfeit world that he is ruining these wonderful natural things. Today, we have misused a large portion of the things that were accessible inexhaustibly in nature. There is a critical need to preserve these natural things. In addition to other things, there is a genuine requirement for the preservation of biodiversity.


The prerequisite to keep up biodiversity has naturally been ignored. This is because we believe that we are finding real success, even though numerous species have become terminated as of recently and that we would stay unaffected regardless of whether barely any more go extinct. Be that as it may, this is a misguided judgment. The wealth of biodiversity is essential for the correct working of our environment. We would not have the option to make due on the occasions to come if the biodiversity keeps on declining.


People must always mind their activities and quit misusing widely varied vegetation for filling their own egotistical needs. They should instead contribute towards the preservation of biodiversity.


Example #2 of Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

Preservation of biodiversity is imperative for keeping up the Earths environment and supporting life on the planet. There are various manners by which the extravagance of biodiversity helps in keeping up the biological system and serves us. Various types of nourishments accessible satisfy distinctive wholesome needs, and plants clean the air, numerous living beings hold the soil health under control and survival of various species is conceivable because of the procedure of the biological pecking order. These are a portion of the guides to show the significance of moderating biodiversity on Earth.


The Decline in Biodiversity

The constant decline in biodiversity has become a reason for concern world over. Numerous areas on the planet have seen a significant plunge in the biodiversity attributable to the adjustments in the atmosphere and expanding pollution levels. This has hugely affected different species living in those zones. Biodiversity is declining world over. Research shows that various assortments of animals go terminated every year to a great extent because of human activities. 


Western Black Rhinoceros, Dodo, Tasmanian tiger, Golden Toad, Wooly Mammoth, Caribbean Monk Seal, Ivory-charged Woodpecker, and Japanese Sea Lion are a portion of the types of animals that have become extinct. Lemur, Mountain Gorilla, Vaquita, Sea Turtles, Amur Leopard, and Tiger are a portion of the animal varieties that are nearly eradicated. Aside from these numerous types of plants and trees, including Lepidodendron, Araucaria Mirabilis, Wood Cycad, and Kokia Cookei have become extinct, and innumerable others are imperiled. 


The requirement for Conservation of Biodiversity

On the off chance that we keep on losing various types of vegetation at this speed, our survival will turn out to be amazingly troublesome on Earth. This is because each species of plant and animal either huge or little contributes towards the support of the biological parity in its one of a kind way. Loss of these can hugely affect the earth, just like other living animals. For example, we rely upon various types of plants and animals as they fill in as a wellspring of nourishment for us. 


They fulfill distinctive healthful needs. Trees give wood and other crude material that are utilized to make various things that are crucial for us. So also, various types of herbs are being used for planning meds. Moreover, various types of creepy crawlies and animals contribute in their own specific manner of making the earth fit for living. On the off chance that this lavishness of diversity isnt kept up, we will miss out on numerous things, and it will make our life troublesome. This is the reason it is critical to saving biodiversity.


How Might We Help in the Conservation of Biodiversity?

We, as the overall population, can help in the conservation of biodiversity by maintaining a strategic distance from wastage of the natural resources. We can likewise out piece by maintaining a strategic distance from activities that lead to pollution as pollution is the important driver of the decline in biodiversity.


Furthermore, we should plant trees and plants and urge people around us to do likewise. Individuals, for the most part, feel that their commitment may not influence a lot and, in this way, dont put forth any attempt. On the off chance that every single one of us figures along these lines, we will before long be making life hard for us. We should contribute our bit towards the conservation of biodiversity. These little commitments can prompt significant changes through the span of time.


Governments Role in the Conservation of Biodiversity

The administration must sharpen individuals about the requirement for the preservation of biodiversity through media, hoardings, and different methods. The administration should likewise keep a tab on the human activities that are causing a decline in biodiversity. The severe move must be made against people, gatherings, and associations enjoying these.


The Final Words

Conservation of biodiversity is of the most extreme significance. We should all put forth attempts to preserve biodiversity as opposed to adding to its decline.

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