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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Career, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Career Essay, Essay on Career. Essay Topics in English
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Career options are one of the significant parts of any individual's life. It decides the sort of way of life one will lead and his/her position in society. While everybody longs for a decent way of life, not every person can fabricate a solid career that can guarantee the same.

Career is generally connected with the professional part of an individual's life. Nonetheless, some even relate it to a person's life and learning, notwithstanding his work. 


Example #1 of Essay on Career

Picking a career is a critical decision, and the discrepancy is that we are not set up to make such an important decision at the time we need to take it. We are in our school when we have to pick between the science, commerce, and arts stream that chiefly impacts the career way we take up later. 

While a few decades back, it was parents, teachers, and senior siblings who, to a great extent, impacted our career decision, children nowadays have gotten increasingly aware – on account of the internet. We can explore the different accessible career decisions on the internet just as their possibilities before we settle on an ultimate conclusion. Be that as it may, counsel from the older parents is still suggested as they are increasingly experienced.

We should all be extremely cautious while picking our careers. We should not enter a stream because our companion or relative has taken it up, or our parents need us to enter it. We need to tune in to our heart, understand what truly interests us, check whether we are great at it, and afterward anticipate different perspectives appended to it. 

Different perspectives may incorporate the cost associated with the course we wish to seek after, the interest of such professionals in the market.


Example #2 of Essay on Career

While on the one hand, the progression in technology has removed employments from the working class; then again, it has offered a path to many rewarding open doors for knowledgeable individuals. There are even more open doors for individuals who are outfitted with specialized information. 


Career Opportunities

Prior it was accepted that the individuals who go for the science stream after their tenth standard have a worthwhile career ahead, the ones who go for the commerce stream are not prone to get generally excellent chances. There are almost no options for individuals who opt for the arts. This held great until a couple of decades back yet, not currently. There are tremendous opportunities in each stream nowadays. Here are the different career openings available dependent on the stream or fields you pick.


Science Stream

Here is a list of the courses/career openings accessible for students who decide on the science stream.

You can seek after a certificate in designing after twelfth standard. There are various fields to have some specialize in with regard to building. The electrical products, gadgets designing, concoction building, mechanical designing, structural building, oil building, advanced plane design, biotechnology designing, mining designing, material designing, horticultural building, generation building, control building, and marine building are among some of them. A certified architect in any of these fields can fill in as a consultant, assistant engineer, chief engineer, or supervisor.

Also, one can go for a B.Sc. degree, for example, B. Sc. in material science, science, arithmetic, biotechnology, ranger service, IT, software engineering, avionics, and gadgets to give some examples. You can construct a career in instructing or innovative work in the wake of seeking after any of these courses.

BCA is a decent alternative if you have a specialized interest in it. IT organizations look for BCA graduates. They are obtaining an MCA degree after this lifts your odds of snatching decent open door manifolds. Single guy of Architecture, Bachelor of Pharmacy, and Commercial Pilot Training are among different fields one can go for.


Commerce Stream

The individuals who choose the business stream after class tenth likewise have extensive career options. Here are few of these:

Outlined Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com), Cost & Work Accountant (CWA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administrations (MBA), Hotel Management, Bachelor of Management Studies, Retail Management & LLB. To have a career in any of these fields is decent just as worthwhile.



There is additionally a wide scope for students who select arts after the class tenth. Here is a gander at the different accessible decisions:


One can go for a Bachelor of Arts to have some specialized in the field of his/her interest in the wake of finishing twelfth standard. Unhitched males in Arts in English, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Social Work, History, Psychology, Fine Arts, Library Science, and Journalism are among a portion of the decisions. One can likewise go for Diploma courses to look for professional information and preparing in various fields.

Diploma in Interior Designing, Certification in Travel & Tourism, Course in Foreign Language, Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Event Management, Teachers Training (TTC), Diploma in Air Hostess, and Flight Steward are among a portion of these courses. While the length of the degree courses perhaps 3 to 5 years, the recognition courses can generally be finished in a half year to 2 years. A large group of good open doors lies ahead for the individuals who decide on any of these courses.


The Final Words

There are excellent career open doors for qualified and gifted competitors in India just as abroad. Nonetheless, the challenge is intense. So merely selecting a suitable course would not help. You should try sincerely and pass the equivalent with decent evaluations to assemble a stable career.

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