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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Black Money, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay On Back Money, Black Money Essay
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Black money is fundamentally the gathering of income acquired wrongfully. It isn't revealed for taxation reasons. The issue of black money is pervasive in India, and the legislature has concocted harsh measures to manage it of late. The money earned using unlawful methods is known as black money. There are different sources of creating black money, and individuals have been rehearsing these for decades in spite of the negative effect they have on the general public.


Example #1 of Essay on Black Money

Black money is one of the serious problems being faced by our nation nowadays. This is one reason behind the monetary divergence that thus causes social disparity, which is the underlying driver of a few issues in the country. Various elements lead to this issue. A portion of these incorporate the high pace of tax, expanded typical cost for basic items, inflation,  and the land market.


Measures to Control the Problem of Black Money

It is critical to control the issue of black money as it is hampering the development and advancement of the nation to a huge degree. Here is a portion of how we can control this issue:


# The tax system ought to be practical. Individuals must not consider it to be a weight. A high expense rate would make individuals search for ways for tax avoidance. 

# The procedure of tax assortment must be made increasingly proficient. The administration must find a way to award the authorities who are committed and true towards this undertaking to propel an ever-increasing number of authorities to pay attention to this. 

# The legislature must take a shot at its value control arrangement as it is likewise one reason behind the age and gathering of black money.

# The public division projects must be checked stringently to cut down their use.

# The private segment speculation uses should likewise be checked viably.

# The administration must make a move against the degenerate authorities, which from multiple points of view, add to the development of black money.

# Authoritative debasement must be controlled at different levels.

# The deal and acquisition of properties must be completely checked by the IT authorities to guarantee that individuals don't shroud any black money on occasion.

# Motivations ought to be given to the individuals who give voluntary divulgences of income.

# The trade rates must be sensible and should mirror our similar rates and position on the planet economy.


The Final Words

While the Modi government has made the stride of demonetization to break this illicit riches gathering, there is still a ton that should be done to cut this issue down. Individuals must comprehend the significance of making good on duty and should abstain from concentrating black money. The little commitment every resident does as taxations help in the improvement of the nation. 


Example #2 of Essay on Black Money

Individuals acquire money from various sources and don't carry it to see with the goal that they can avoid making good on taxation. This collection of money on which tax isn't paid is known as black money. The issue of black money has been predominant in our nation for long. Various elements add to this issue. 


Reasons for Black Money

Here is a glance at the different reasons that lead to the issue of black money in India: 


High Tax Rate

The pace of tax in India is very high. The inflation in the taxations and obligations has constrained individuals to take the course to unlawful riches amassing. The tax-exempt income limit in the nation is simply Rs. 25,000/ - . This sum isn't adequate to run a family nowadays when the average cost for basic items is out of this world. This is the motivation behind why people who earn, conceal their income with the aim that they don't need to go for taxation. 


Value Control Policy

The costs of specific items, for example, composts, sugar, bond, and so forth, are managed by the administration by method for its Price Control Policy. The arrangement is inflexible and doesn't pass by the high points and low points in the market. The private makers and retailers exploit this arrangement that outcomes in black money.


Diverse Excise Duty Rates

The legislature has set various rates for extract obligation dependent on the nature of items. To abstain from paying a higher pace of extract obligation, the makers now and again minimize an item. This prompts the age of black money.


Land Transactions

Land deals include large measures of money. Individuals collect black money using land deals. Buying property at a less expensive rate and selling it when the costs rise has become a profitable business, and a ton of black money is created with this.


Quantity System

The legislature has set a specific quantity for fare, import, and outside trade. While this is set to assist the individuals, it is regularly abused to aggregate black money.



The high inflation rate is likewise known to be one of the reasons for black money.


Effect of Black Money

Black money doesn't just negatively affect the nation's monetary condition yet, besides, has unfriendly social outcomes. It makes a financial difference in the country, which, without a doubt, is the premise of social dissimilarity. Such practices are the motivation behind why the rich here are getting more extravagant, and the poor are getting more unfortunate. Social disparity prompts disappointment among individuals and offers to ascend to violations, for example, theft, remuneration, and so many such things.

Tax avoidance additionally implies the sum that could have been utilized for the nation's development and advancement didn't arrive at the administration. In the case that the legislature doesn't get enough income, it can't take up new activities for the advancement of the nation and the inspire of the poor areas.

The nations where individuals income imposes strictly are obviously better off when contrasted with those where there is an enormous measure of collection of black money.


The Final Words

The legislature has found a way to destroy the issue of black money. The ongoing and one of the significant advances taken toward this path was demonetization. While this progression helped in wiping out black money, somewhat numerous individuals censured it. Regardless of whether it helped, it certainly was insufficient. Significantly more should be done to stop this evil practice. The legislature must search for increasingly essential measures to control this issue. Furthermore, recollect, the administration alone can't finish this issue. It must be checked assuming every single resident of the nation contributes his bit.

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