Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Barriers to Women Empowerment in India

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Barriers to Women Empowerment in India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Barriers to Women Empowerment in India Essay
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Women have been stifled for a considerable length of time. India primarily has a male-centric set up where women are seen as inferior to men. While there is a segment of our general public that energizes women empowerment, individuals, to a great extent, proceed to stifle and mistreat them. There are various hindrances to the empowerment of women in India on account of the mentality of a portion of the intolerant individuals living here.


Example #1 of Essay on Women Empowerment

Women's empowerment is the need of great importance. Women, who are as keen and capable as men, are squandering their aptitudes enjoying non-gainful family unit errands. They should be engaged and ought to reserve the option to take care of business their own and expert life according to their will similarly as the male individuals from the general public.


The most effective method to Overcome Barriers to Empowerment of Women in India

Here are two key intends to beat boundaries to the empowerment of women in India:


Education is the Key

The legislature of our nation must guarantee that each girl in the country looks for education. Education is the stepping stone for the empowerment of women. Women must be educated with the goal that they can make sure about work and be monetarily independent.

The male citizenry should likewise be educated and sharpened about the need to teach and enable women.


Women Must Stand for Women

The men, as well as the women in our general public, likewise pull different women down. Rather than acknowledging and empowering women who assemble the quality and put in endeavors to go out and work, they scold them for ignoring their family and house. The individuals who don't or can't go out to work talk sick about the working women out of desire, which isn't right. Men, as a rule, don't need the women to develop and advance expertly or by and by and other women to don't bolster those women who are attempting to become showbiz royalty throughout everyday life.

On the off chance that women acknowledge and help each other to learn and develop as opposed to reprimanding each other, our general public would be a vastly improved place for women.


The Final Words

Genuine women empowerment would be the point at which the women in our nation won't need to look for endorsement for anything from the male individuals from their home just as a society. Women empowerment isn't just fundamental for the development and inspiring of women yet in addition to the general advancement of the country. It would build the education just as the work pace of the nation and help it flourish. 


Example #2 of Essay on Barriers to Women Empowerment in India

We have entered the twenty-first century yet tragically we even though everything hasn't completely comprehended the need and significance of women empowerment. Our general public is significantly overwhelmed by male individuals, and experts and women are as yet expected to deal with the family unit errands. It's about time that we should perceive the requirement for women empowerment. It is fundamental for different reasons.


Need and Importance of Women Empowerment

Here is the reason there are a substantial need and significance for women empowerment:


Stop Domestic Violence

Women have been victims of aggressive behavior at home for ages. They have been experiencing both physical and emotional mistreatment. What occurs behind the shut entryways is regularly not let out for the dread of discoloring the family notoriety. Also, women are not, in any case, aware of their privileges as a large portion of them stay uneducated. They continue languishing and live in trouble over the most piece of their lives. Enabling women would help in cutting down aggressive behavior at home cases.


Improve Literacy Rate

The initial move towards enabling women is to teach them. Educating women would make them free. They would never again be reliant on the male individuals for their monetary needs. They will be well-prepared to take up a great job and, in this manner, assume responsibility for their life. This will likewise expand the proficiency pace of the nation. 


Battle of Poverty

A woman who is educated will have the option to make sure about a decent expert position and help in increasing the expectation of living of her family. As an ever-increasing number of women will get educated and make sure about steady employment, the issue of poverty in our nation would be checked all things considered. 


Make a Healthy Environment

Numerous women suffer because of men. They live in steady worry as they are maltreated truly and inwardly. They are bound to the family units and expected to deal with the children. Limiting someone along these lines is sheer torment and against humanity. Numerous women get into sorrow inferable from this and aren't even ready to sustain their kids appropriately. 

Women who are educated and engaged is very much aware of their privileges. She realizes that she has the right to be treated as a human and isn't destined to be overwhelmed by male individuals. In such a situation, the man of the house will likewise reconsider before lifting his hands or voice at her. This will help in advancing a solid situation at home. 


Upliftment of the Society

Women involve practically 50% of the number of citizens in our nation. One reason why we as a country haven't developed as much as we ought to have since freedom is because women in our society are not allowed to utilize their insight and aptitudes to contribute towards its improvement. Women's empowerment would work in support of them as well as help in the general advancement of the nation.


The Final Words

Women's empowerment is a significant subject. Frequently ignored by our man-centric culture, this issue must be tended to genuinely. Men need to comprehend that the empowerment of women would work in support of them as opposed to against them. It will make our general public a superior place to live in.

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