Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Comparing City Vs Village Life

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on City and Village Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Village life essay, City Life essay
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Indeed, even a very long time after independence, India is full of inequality to such an extent that it is always said there are the two nations, one that is Bharat and another - India. It talks about the two distinct things that live in rural and urban parts of the country. Although, it is fundamental that the inhabitants of both rural and urban territories live in congruity with one another.

As shown by the National Survey Organization, the average month to month per capita use in a rural zone of ​​the nation was Rs 1054, while in urban regions it was Rs 1984 out of 2009-10, that implies the per capita use of urban dwellers was over 88% when compared with those living in the villages. This isn't the main contrast in the lives of village people and city dwellers.


Example #1 of Essay on City and Village Life

Rural life is very serene as individuals here don't lead a rushed way of life. They get up promptly toward the beginning of the day and nod off opportune around evening time. Here the air isn't contaminated, similar to the case with urban areas. There is additionally less contamination and group. Residents are acquainted with a beautiful life in villages rather than the tumultuous life in urban areas that prompt an incredible measure of worry for them.

Although, villages, for the most part, need basic services, for example, power, schools, nursing homes, and manufacturing plants to utilize individuals. Village people need to stroll by walking for a few miles if they don't have their very own vehicle. Villages give occasional work, and for the most part, individuals there are not productively utilized. Every one of these variables leads to massive scale relocation of individuals from village to urban territories looking for a good education, business, and solace of life.

Although life in urban areas has its own negative side – it's loaded with weight, stress, and uneasiness. Individuals here have a few materialistic advantages and luxuries yet no psychological harmony. They are always occupied in executing different undertakings identified with their own and expert life to such an extent that they once in a while, they don't have the foggiest idea about their nearby neighbor. The strain to continually perform negatively affects their wellbeing, and they become inclined to different afflictions or way of life sicknesses even at a young age. Some of them even spend restless nights, and their psychological balance gets hammered. Along these lines, life in rural and urban regions is posts separated, yet both are necessary for the improvement of India. 


Example #2 of Essay on City & Village Life

The more significant part of India's populace lives in villages. Gandhi had said, "genuine India lives in villages." Rural effortlessness and normal magnificence are meaningful of Indian culture and legacy. 

Lives of the vast majority of the individuals in villages generally rely upon agribusiness. A few people win their living from creature cultivation and agro-based bungalow enterprises. The greater part of the residents is farmers. They are persevering, unassuming, and liberal. The time when farmers furrow their fields in the first part of the day sun, the trilling of fowls that goes with the development of the bulls appears to murmur a tune of difficult work. Ranchers are blameless commonly not at all like a portion of their urban partners who lose their inward goodness in the ferocious universe of realism in urban areas.

Life in urban India is very different. Some occupants have boundless methods for pleasure; however, a few people are poor to such an extent that they need to live in ghettos. Financial inequality, contamination, and trash are the worst thing about urban presence. Individuals likewise need to confront the absence of sufficient water supply. However, individuals need to live in urban areas since they get services for a good education, human services, transport, thus numerous methods of solace and excitement. There are also many open doors for work in urban areas, not at all like villages where not many individuals are profitably utilized.

In this way, life in villages and urban communities presents two differentiating pictures. There are sure just as negative viewpoints to both, and it is dependent upon the people to take advantage of it independent of the rural or urban setting that one lives in.


Example #3 of Essay on City & Village Life

Life in both rural and urban zones has its own advantages and issues. One is decidedly not the same as one another. Generally, India is a prevalently rural nation as Mahatma Gandhi had stated, "Genuine India lives in villages."

There is also a number of celebrations and fairs in villages. Here celebrations are commended with a feeling of fraternity customarily. The entire village moves to society tunes at the hour of celebration, whether it is Holi, Baisakhi, Pongal, Onam, Dussehra, Diwali, or Eid. Every one of the individuals in the village lives in the obligations of the club. They share common satisfaction just as distress with one another according to the conditions of life. Even though their way of life isn't as cutting edge as what you find in the urban communities, country individuals are hotter and increasingly agreeable. They are progressively thoughtful and know each other in the village. They don't live in a condition of segregation, just like the case with metropolitan urban communities.

The common magnificence of the villages in India is basically attractive. The vibrant green fields topped around by blossoms and spread an inebriating aroma. Winged creatures twitter around joyfully in fields, outbuildings, and village homes. Effortlessness is the sign of life in villages.

Lamentably, the quest for employments and the glare of material solaces and offices is prompting huge scale relocation of individuals from country to urban regions. However, presently, villages in the nation are currently additionally progressing regarding the way of life. Urbanization is occurring at a quick pace; power, funneled water, solid streets, phone/cell phone, PCs, instruction, and medicinal consideration are available offices in numerous parts of rural India nowadays. Farmers are presently utilizing current rural actualizes, and instead of bulls, they are furrowing the fields with tractors. 

Although life isn't without inconveniences in villages as well, there are visit disagreements regarding the area and same-gotra love relationships, which all outcome in slaughter and viciousness. The village panchayats while thinking on questions articulate exceptionally unforgiving and uncalled-for decisions which make individuals' life a story of hopelessness and agony.

Village people rely upon the clearance of their agricultural produce on urban markets, and city occupants can't d without the stock of fundamental wares, for example, grain, foods grown from the ground from rural districts. Individuals from villages every day drive to urban communities to purchase the most recent articles of present-day life, watch films, unwind, and have a good time or do tasks in the urban foundation. Improvement of India is unbelievable without the amicable advancement of villages and urban communities. Them two supplement one another.

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