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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn Format on how to write an educational essay on Pollution due to Urbanization, providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.
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Pollution is probably the most significant issue that we, as a general public, face today. The ordinary crumbling environment is a major challenge for people. The blending of any harmful substances or toxins in our common habitat is called pollution. It is because of human action, and numerous pollutants get presented in the common habitat along these lines dirtying it too harmful levels. 


Example #1 of Essay on Pollution Due to Urbanization

The days are gone when children would wander uninhibitedly on avenues, and birds would fly in the sky. Such a decent scene has been uncommon to see these days. We should accuse ourselves as it were! India was a place that is known for villages; our way of life emerged from villages as it were. In any case, at that point, we accomplished something so awful that we are following through on its cost even today. We have supplanted the significant part of the earth with industrial facilities, plants, and structures causing pollution.


Types and Causes of Urban Pollution

Air Pollution: The air in the urban zones is always contaminated with destructive substances, and it is turning out to be unsafe slowly to breathe. The atmosphere in the urban areas is stifling. The smoke from vehicles, manufacturing plants and force generators makes the air undesirable. There are different factors, likewise like compound spills and other lethal gases that pollute the air.


Water Pollution: As it is, there are not many natural water sources in the urban territories, and those that are there are getting progressively dirtier. There is a lot of removals in the lakes and streams like the family unit and modern replacement. A great deal of waste gets blended in with downpour and washed into the waters.


Soil Pollution: The blending of poisons in the dirt is upsetting the eco-system.


Noise Pollution: Urban regions are probably the noisiest one. Different sources of noise pollution incorporate traffic noises, boisterous speakers, and other undesirable noises that cause numerous medical problems.


Radioactive Pollution: The incidental spillage by atomic force plants represents a significant danger.


Visual Pollution: The exposure of visuals in the urban areas as signs, announcements, screens, high-power lights, and so on are likewise very upsetting.


Other than these, there is additionally Warm pollution that is brought about by an additional measure of warmth caught in the worlds environment.


The different methods of pollution in urban regions can prompt numerous medical problems in individuals living in urban areas. We are each day presented to more than one of these medical problem sources.


Example #2 of Essay on Pollution due to Urbanized

We accomplished a significant advance when we urbanized our towns; however, it accompanied a cost. We unquestionably have a luxurious and comfortable life in the current urban communities and villages, yet it has marked a significant opening in the wellbeing of our environment. It has carried with it numerous issues that we face. The creating urban areas saw quick development, and this urbanization brought with it a snare of challenges, and we appear to be stuck in them.


Issues Due to Urbanization

The requirement with the expectation of complimentary space to assemble streets, structures, and extensions, and so forth caused massive deforestation to occur. The trees were chopped down, the fields were cleared, and space was made to oblige the ever-rising populace. It is an easy decision that cutting trees is a significant purpose behind pollution. The high thickness of the populace made the absence of everything like space, natural resources like water, coal, and so on.

The association of an urban populace with nature caused some significant issues. The utilization of designs and the way of life of the urban populace changed the earth considerably. The urban populace devours more nourishment, vitality, and water. The air in urban zones is significantly more dirtied than the provincial ones. This is, for the most part, a result of the utilization of vehicles and the structure up of businesses and plants that contaminate the air at an expanding rate. Nearly everything that we use takes a shot at power. The requirement for power in the cities is continually rising, and to meet that more force plants are manufactured, and that dirties the air.

The lakes, streams, and some other water bodies in urban regions are always dirtied by the landfill of modern waste and sewage. Marine life faces a great deal of peril. We cant disregard that clamor pollution is one of the significant reasons for pressure related issues in the urban populace. An ever-increasing number of trees are chopped down to address the problems of urban individuals, and in return, not many trees are planted. The utilization of plastic is another significant explanation behind the corruption of the earth.


The Final Words

Studies and researches have shown that urbanization is one of the significant reasons for exhausting natural resources. We are continually harming our mom earth, and the outcome is high pollution levels in the urban communities and towns. It is beyond the imagination to expect to turn around the harm that we have just done, yet we can, without a doubt, take some preventive measures and control further damage. The time has already come and gone that we find a way to save our planet and make a superior tomorrow.

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