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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Life after School, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Life after School, Life after School Essay
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School is assumed to have an important role in the life of a child up to his/her youth, and it is true also. A child's life is spent between school and home, under the direction and security of parents and educators. In any case, a day comes in the life of each youngster when s/he needs to at last leave school for further studies. This change is unavoidable as life goes on, and one needs to proceed onward, searching for better prospects of development.

However, leaving the sheltered condition of the school and venturing into a totally different world could be sincerely extraordinary and testing too. It is difficult to abandon old companions; all things considered, the progression should be taken. Facing everyday life after school is loaded up with difficulties, openings, decisions, choices, and aspirations. There is a great deal in life past school; you simply must have the mental fortitude to venture out. New companions, new educational plans, calling, marriage, and so on all are experienced just when one leaves school.


Example #1 of Essay on Life after School

Life after school is very not quite the same as life in school. Children are nurtured in a specific way for around fifteen years of their life, and all of a sudden, everything changes. Numerous children will, in general, get astounded by the sort of decisions and environment they are presented to after school. 

We don't have to make any significant decisions while we are in school. We proceed to think about and enjoy various exercises as prompted by our parents and educators during school days. All we have to stress over is our evaluations. We realize that our entire and sole activity is to contemplate altogether, and the rest will pursue.

Be that as it may, when we step out of the school, the significant primary choice we have to take is to pick a course. This course should be selected cautiously considering different viewpoints as it will decide our vocation up all things considered. We have to show up for selection tests to get admission to a prestigious school and seek a suitable course.

The difficulties continue expanding at each progression. After this, we have to search for occupations and work fastidiously to build up a situation in our working environment. When we are settled expertly, individuals encourage us to settle in our own life as well. The undertakings and obligations are fluctuated and interminable. This is the reason behind why people frequently recall their joyful school days affectionately and wish they could return to remember those minutes.


Example #2 of Essay on Life after School

The life of a student experiences a significant change after school. There is a major contrast between the school culture and the college culture, and the life that follows is never the equivalent. Plenty of confinements that school going students face are finished with as they enter life after school. Be that as it may, significantly more duties and difficulties anticipate them.

Life after school and school life are two different periods of an individual's life. There are a more significant number of differences between the two. 

Schools have strict guidelines that should be clung to. Each study must regard and comply with these standards. The school timings, study design, time table – everything in the schools is fixed. There is no adaptability. The studies don't get a lot of opportunities to take any choice, all alone. A large portion of the occasions, even the co-curricular exercises and rivalries the studies partake in, are not their decision.

At home, the parents take every one of the choices for the sake of the children. The school they ought to go to, the movement or side interest classes they should join, and the number of hours they should ponder – the parents settle on every one of these choices. The favorable position here is that the children carry on with a happy life. 

They don't need to take any fundamental choice and accordingly don't need to stress over the results. Nonetheless, the negative point here is that now and again, the children are compelled to enjoy things that don't intrigue them by any stretch of the imagination. In addition, the rigorous daily practice and inflexible guidelines can be very debilitating. 

Life after school gets somewhat adaptable. Most schools don't require the studies to come and leave at a fixed time every day. Students simply need to go to their lectures and can design the remainder of the day according to their desire. The underlying months in many courses don't require any additional training. Along these lines, the studies have sufficient opportunity to seek after their side interests and interests. 

They additionally get plentiful time to go through with loved ones. Parents are progressively sure about the decisions made by their children as they grow up, so they let them settle on their own choices. In like manner, in school, they likewise find the opportunity to pick the challenge and movement they wish to take an interest in. 

The freedom to choose and live develops as individuals move out of the school, start working, and get more established. Notwithstanding, it accompanies a cost. With opportunity come duties. They are responsible for their choices and activities. This is the hardest piece of life after school.

They are facing everyday life after school is said to be loaded with difficulties. Probably the most significant test is to gain cash and bring home the bacon. For this, we have to seek a suitable course and achieve a degree. A great deal of research should be done, and a few things should be considered before deciding on one. This is perhaps the most significant test after school.

We can't rely upon our parents' salary for long. As we complete our studies, we have to plunge into this present reality and bring home the earnings. We get the chance to meet a wide range of individuals as we start working. We have to manage them and manufacture contacts. This can get distressing now and again. Keeping up quiet during unpleasant conditions can be very testing. Keeping up the balance among individual and expert life can be one more challenge after school.


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