Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Article 15 of Indian Constitution

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Article 15 of Indian Constitution, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Article 15, Article 15 Essay
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Article 15 goes under Part III of the Constitution of India. This part incorporates data about the central privileges of the Indian citizens. Article 15 was acquainted with further the Right to Equality, which is one of the fundamental privileges of the citizens of our nation.

According to Article 15, the State just as its citizens can't discriminate dependent on an individual's position, religion, race, sex, or birthplace. The article further states that - the State has the option to make exceptional arrangements to elevate the weaker section of the society.


Example #1 of Essay on Article 15

Article 15 of the Indian Constitution bars discrimination based on an individual's caste, race, religion, sex, or place of birth. According to this article, neither the State nor its citizens can discriminate dependent on the previously mentioned five factors as this is basic for building a superior society where individuals appreciate equivalent rights.

Practicing discrimination dependent on these five components is a punishable offense under Indian law. Numerous associations and foundations in the nation have laws that dishearten individuals from practicing such discrimination.

Article 15 likewise enables the State to make some exceptional arrangements that inspire the situation of women, children, and individuals having a place with the planned standing, booked clans, and socially and monetarily in backward classes.

India is a democratic nation. In this manner, individuals reserve the privilege to express their sentiment and question the expert in a legitimate way; in any case, they have to keep the set sacred law until the case is shut in support of them.

Individuals have tested different statements of Article 15, and certain progressions have been made dependent on the equivalent previously. Champakam Dorairajan versus the State of Madras was one such case. Once in awhile, such circumstances change the laws for good, and on different occasions, the significance of the current laws is underscored. Either way, it is useful for the state just as the citizens.


Example #2 of Essay on Article 15

Article 15 was actualized to diminish unfair discrimination that had been predominant in the Indian culture for hundreds of years. The article is planned for advancing a society where individuals appreciate equivalent rights and benefits and don't confront discrimination on the grounds of sex, caste, religion, race, or place of birth.

To advance equality, it isn't just critical to get rid of the unjustified biased practices yet, in addition, make some exceptional arrangements to inspire the weaker and in backward sections of the society. Article 15 permits the creation and execution of such exceptional arrangements. It has offered an approach to numerous demonstrations and arrangements to profit these sections.


Activities to Educate People about Article 15

Conflicting with Article 15 and practicing discrimination denied in its calls for stringent punishment under the Indian law. This is the motivation behind why individuals must be made aware of Article 15 states. Just when individuals think about it, will they play it safe and abstain from enjoying such training. The administration should take activities to make the overall population aware of Article 15 just as the outcomes of conflicting with it. Some potential activities to promote this motivation can be as per the following: 


Awareness in Schools/Colleges: It is fundamental to make the citizens aware of their privileges, obligations, and the legitimate practices that ought to be pursued since the beginning itself. An ideal approach to do so is by familiarizing them with the equivalent in the school. Unique classes ought to be held at regular intervals to make the understudies aware of Article 15. Its significance ought to be worried after during such classes. The outcomes of conflicting with the equivalent should likewise be talked about to sharpen the issue. 

Children frequently do what they see at home and in society. Since this prejudicial practice is as yet present in the society at different levels, it is normal for children to learn and soak up it.

Any student seen practicing discrimination dependent on the previously mentioned five grounds in school must be rebuffed. For example, if a kid is seen harassing a young lady or if understudies are discovered abusing their kindred understudies who have a place with lower station, then they should be criticized without even a moment's pause. 


Awareness at Work Place

Much the same as schools, awareness projects to give data about Article 15 must be directed at working environments also. Workers must be given finished data about what this article is about and why it is essential to stick to it.

The outcomes of conflicting with this sacred law ought to likewise be clarified in detail. Associations should also detail rules to rebuff anybody conflicting with Article 15. This is a decent method to debilitate unjustifiable discrimination.


Awareness in Villages and Backward Sections

In towns and backward territories, individuals are still grasped by the evil standing framework. Plus, women are likewise being dealt with severely and haven't accomplished an equivalent status as men. Discrimination based on religion, race, and place of birth is additionally very regular in such regions. The legislature must make uncommon activity to spread awareness about Article 15 in these zones. This will make dread among those practicing discrimination and enable the individuals who have been a casualty of the equivalent.


Spreading Awareness about Article 15 through Bollywood

As of late, a Bollywood film named Article 15 was discharged. The film featuring entertainer, Ayushmaan Khurana ahead of the pack job demonstrated how individuals are as yet separating dependent on caste, race, sex, religion, and place of birth. It meant to make individuals aware of the arrangements of Article 15 and furthermore to urge them to speak more loudly against anybody practicing the equivalent.

Bollywood is an incredible way to connect with the overall population. The motion picture emphatically denounced out of line discrimination and motivated individuals to quit enjoying equivalent to well as tolerating this conduct.


The Final Words

Article 15 has been remembered for the Indian Constitution to make a superior society. The legislature must take exceptional activities to guarantee it is executed well. The most important factor of Article 15 is that it holds the basic fundamental right of a democratic system that is -Right to equality. If the Right to Equality is infringed upon, at that point, the entire idea of a democratic system gets lost.

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