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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Social Media Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Social Media Addiction
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Social media addiction is the most widely recognized new age addictions grasping individuals over the globe. Social media platforms have gotten the enthusiasm of the majority as far back as their beginning around ten years back. An ever-increasing number of such platforms have appeared, from that point forward. Their fame has developed with time, thus has the quantity of social media addicts.

You will know where all the indispensable certainties on the addiction of social media, how the social media enslavement is impacting adolescents and harming their brains, side effects and results of social media addiction, approaches to conquer the compulsion of social media, and so on.


Example #1 of Essay on Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction has become a reason for concern. It is hampering the understudy's examinations and influencing their evaluations. It has become prevention in work for the working experts, just as home producers. It is additionally making relationship issues and prompting issues, for example, anorexia and misery.

Rather than associating with their precious ones through social media, individuals have begun rivaling them. They need to post preferred pictures and notices over others and need their profile to look the best. Social media addicts invest a large portion of their energy thinking concerning how they can improve their profile than the rest.

Social media addicts likewise have a steady inclination to look through social media platforms. They continue invigorating their notices, stalk individuals' profiles, update their status, transfer their photos as often as possible, and maintain remarking to a great extent.

Numerous social media websites, for example, Facebook, likewise offer a few games to play. These games are even more addictive. Players attempt to rival different players on their companion list. They invest the more significant part of their energy playing these games to build their level and score. They blow up and disappointed when they aren't ready to accomplish it.

Social media addiction indications must be perceived, and the issue ought to be tended to before it is past the point of no return.


Example #2 of Essay on Social Media Addiction

Social media is something to be thankful for whenever utilized correctly; however, it very well may be as harmful if one gets dependent on it. Shockingly, an ever-increasing number of individuals, particularly the young, are getting dependent on social media, and it is harming their psyches.

Social media platforms enable us to share pictures, recordings, and notices uncovering what's happening in our lives. They mainly offer us a chance to rejoice about ourselves. We need to look great and like ourselves and demonstrate it to the world. An exploration led at the Harvard University uncovers that discussing ourselves makes us feel cheerful and high.

Social media helps in rendering this effect. We post the best of pictures and discussion profoundly about ourselves and our family on social media. We attempt to show the measure of fun we are having in our lives. Be that as it may, this isn't it. We, at that point, look for endorsement of others. We need to see concerning what number of individuals really 'like' what we are doing throughout everyday life.

It feels far superior when individuals post-high remarks on our photos and announcements. Social media addicts appear to be insane for endorsement of others on their rundown. It gives them a high when somebody speaks great about them, which is very reasonable. The issue is they feel pushed and discouraged when individuals don't recognize or like what they transfer on the internet.

The sentiment of desire is one of the most noticeably terrible emotions one can gain understanding. Rather than being having happy with what they have, young social media addicts attempt to copy others and feel desirous when they aren't ready to accomplish it. They live in envy and anguish. The sentiment of disappointment and dissatisfaction frequently assumes control over them. They don't like themselves and their lives and regularly go into sorrow.

Youngsters should consider their job and focus on their examinations. Yet, instead, they are, to a great extent, got up to speed in useless exercises via internet-based networking media destinations. This isn't just hampering their self-improvement; however, the advancement of the country in general. 


Example #3 of Essay on Social Media Addiction

Social media websites fill in as a platform to interface with our companions and family members. We share our glad just as miserable minutes via internet-based networking media platforms to let those on our companion list know how we are feeling and what we are getting along throughout everyday life. Individuals 'like' our announcements and photos and 'remark' on them to disclose to us how they feel about everything. This is an incredible method to associate in this bustling world. It makes us think that everybody we love and need to be in contact with is only a tick away. Be that as it may, social media turns into an issue when we get dependent on it. 

Numerous individuals living in various pieces of the world are experiencing social media enslavement and are bearing their results.

Social media platforms, like - Facebook and Twitter, may assist us with associating with our far off family members and tragically deceased companions. Yet, social media addiction is removing us from our close family and dear companions. Individuals dependent via internet-based networking media are snared to these platforms for a considerable length of time. They couldn't care less if their friends and family are sitting with them or attempting to make a discussion. All they care about is who refreshed what, on social media and what number of individuals loved or remarked on their posts.

Social media addicts now and again check refreshes/notices on social media platforms. This can be as continuous has twenty-thirty times in 60 minutes. Survey another notice, particularly one including their posts, gives them a high. Absence of it, then again, can make them feel dismal and discouraged.

All the social media addicts care about is to keep up an appealing social media profile. They are generally observed clicking pictures during get-togethers, family social occasions, and in any event, during escapes with companions. They scarcely appreciate the minute or converse with individuals around them. They are just centered around gathering pictures that can be transferred on their social media accounts or caught up with checking and remarking on the announcements of those on their companion list. 

They post refreshes expressing they are getting a charge out of with their family or playing around with their companions. At the same time, in all actuality, they don't communicate appropriately with anybody around them. This is the grave truth of social media addicts. In any event, when they are around individuals, their psyche is grasped by the social media platforms.

Social media addiction is turning into a significant issue. It is amusing how a platform made to assist individuals with mingling is cutting them from the general public.

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