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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Science, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Science, Science Essay in English
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Science is a careful and logical study of events, occasions, happenings, and so on. Science is the study that logically clarifies the round state of the earth; it explains the twinkling of stars; why light travels quicker than sound; why hawk flies higher than a crow; why the sunflower goes to the daylight and so forth. Science doesn't give supernatural clarifications; instead, it provides logical reasoning for each question. Science as a subject is amazingly well known for students. It's to be sure an essential subject for hopefuls who need to make their occupation in science and related fields.


Example #1 of Essay on Science

The science includes a broad study of the conduct of the natural and physical world. The study is led by a method for research, observation, and experimentation. There are a few parts of science. These incorporate the normal sciences, sociologies, and formal sciences. These general classifications have additionally been separated into subclasses and sub-sub classes. Physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and astronomy structure a part of the normal sciences, history, topography, financial aspects, political theory, human science, brain research, social studies, and human studies are a part of the sociologies, and formal sciences incorporate arithmetic, rationale, insights, choice hypothesis, framework hypothesis, and software engineering.

Science has changed the world for good. There have been a few logical creations now and again, and these have made life advantageous for the people. A few of these developments have become an essential part of our lives, and we can't envision our lives without them. Researchers overall proceed to analyze and keep thinking of more up to date developments once in a while, with some of them bringing transformation around the world. Notwithstanding, as valuable as it seems to be, science has additionally been abused by a few, basically by people with significant influence, for fuelling a weapons contest and debasing the earth. 

The philosophies of science and religion have not discovered any similar ground. These differentiating thoughts have offered to a few clashes before and keep on doing as such. 


Example #2 of Essay on Science

Science is the process and study of the structure and conduct of various physical and natural aspects. Researchers study these viewpoints, watch them entirely, and test before resolving. There have been a few logical explanations and developments in the past that have demonstrated to be a help for the humankind.


Ideas of Science and Religion

While a logical and precise methodology is followed in the field of science to think of new thoughts and developments, religion, then again, is founded on conviction system and confidence. In science, an intensive observation, study, and experimentation are done to determine an outcome while there is not any rationale with regards to religion. Their perspective on seeing things is in this manner, not quite the same as each other.


Strife among Science and Religion

Science and religion are naturally observed at loggerheads because of their clashing perspectives on specific things. Unfortunately, now and again, these contentions lead to unsettling influence in the general public and make enduring the guiltless. Here is a portion of the significant clashes that have happened between the supporters of religion and the adherents of logical procedures.


The Creation of World: Numerous traditionalist Christians accept that God made the world in six days somewhere in the range of 4004 and 8000 BCE. Then again, the cosmologists express that the universe is as old as around 13.7 billion years and that the Earth developed around 4.5 billion years prior.


Earth - the Center of the Universe: This is one of the most well-known clashes. The Roman Catholic Church viewed Earth as the focal point of the universe. According to them, the Sun, Moon, stars, and different planets spin around it. The contention emerged when renowned Italian stargazer and mathematician Galileo Galilei found the heliocentric framework wherein the Sun shapes the focal point of the close planetary system and the Earth and different planets rotate around it. Shockingly, Galileo was denounced as an apostate and put in house capture for an incredible remainder.


Sun oriented and Lunar Eclipse: Perhaps the most constant clash happened in Iraq. The ministers there had told local people that lunar obscuration was caused as a result of the anxiety of divine beings. These were believed to be unpropitious and planned for decimating the rulers. The contention happened when the neighborhood stargazers thought of the legitimate purpose for the overshadowing.

While the stargazers express a reliable and legitimate explanation about the event of the sun based and lunar obscuration, legends, and superstitions encompassing a similar still proceed in different parts of the world.


The Evolution of Species: Taking reference from the scriptural book of Genesis, the moderate Christians accept that every one of the types of widely varied vegetation and animals was made during the six days time frame when God created the world. The researcher, then again, contends that the different types of plants and animals developed more than a hundred and a great many years using the techniques of natural selection.


The Final Words

There are a few different fields wherein the researchers and strict supporters have opposing perspectives. Even though the researchers/stargazers/scholars have sponsorship for their theories, a great many people profoundly pursue severe aspects.

It isn't just the strict promoters who frequently speak more loudly against the logical approaches and belief systems, and science has likewise been reprimanded by numerous different segments of the society since its creations are offering approach to various social, political, ecological and medical problems. Logical developments, for example, atomic weapons, represent a danger to humankind. Besides, the methods of readiness, just as the utilization of most deductively structured gadgets, are adding to the contamination in this manner, making life hard for everybody.

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