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Republic Day is celebrated every year, on 26th January every year in India. It is a national occasion celebrating the progress of India from a British domain to an Independent republic. The Constitution of India came to existence on 26th January 1950, changing dominion of India into the Republic of India. It is this day every year that we celebrate as Republic Day.


Example #1 of Essay on Republic Day

Republic Day is one of the fascinating national events of India celebrated every year on 26th January to remember the day when the Constitution of India came into power. India was under the British guideline for more than several years and had to adhere to the unforgiving principles and laws which were against the opportunity of Indians. The colossal penances of our extraordinary political dissidents and under the direction of incredible leaders helped India to accomplish its freedom on fifteenth August 1947.

Around two and a half years later, India got its constitution, which was embraced on the 26th of November 1949 and came into power on the 26th of January 1950. The day when the 'Constitution of India' came into power was an extraordinary day in the history which made India the Sovereign Democratic Republic and gave the privilege of picking government in the hands of the individuals.

After the independence of India on fifteenth August 1947, the nation was represented by the 'Legislature of India Act 1935'. The need for a constitution for the nation motivates to set a Drafting board on the 28th of August 1947, which was going by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The Drafting Committee of the constitution presented the draft to the Constituent Assembly, which was embraced on the 26th of November 1949 (celebrated as Constitution Day every year) and came into power on 26th January 1950.

The very first Republic Day of India was celebrated on the 26th of January 1950. The principal President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, lifted the national flag at Irwin Stadium (Now Major Dhyanchand National Stadium), Delhi, pursued by the singing of the National Anthem.


constitution of a nation is the most significant document for its people, and its improvement and the day it comes in power is an important day throughout the entire existence of a country. 26th January is additionally a day which assumes a significant job in the life of each resident of India since this was the day when opportunity and right to pick the legislature for the nation was given in the hands of its residents.

The constitution likewise characterized the essential thing rights of its residents. It gave the ability to speak freely, balance, freedom, and equity to the individuals so they can live with nobility, regard, and can communicate with no dread or power.

Republic Day is the day that reminds us of the battle and forfeits of extraordinary political dissidents who surrendered their lives for the country. This is the day that serves to grandstand India's rich 'Solidarity and Diversity' culture to the world. Republic Day likewise makes the individuals mindful of their privileges and their obligations towards the country, and it paints the country in the single shade of nationalism and solidarity.

After 20 years, when the Constituent Assembly was concluding the date to make constitution come in power, 26th January was chosen collectively to respect the extraordinary leaders, and political dissidents who were first to request 'Purna Swaraj,' and making Constitution of India come in power was the fulfillment of being completely independent.

Republic Day is celebrated with brimming with eagerness, enthusiasm, and pizzazz the nation over. Individuals from every one of the areas of the general public partake in the festival with extraordinary enthusiasm and delight. Every one of the schools and universities composes different programs and activities to praise the event. Banner lifting ceremony, singing of the national song of praise and different discourse and discussion rivalries, people move, dramatizations, and plays portraying the Indian opportunity battle is directed with the goal that the little youngsters think about the extraordinary leaders and political dissidents of our nation.

The greatness of the first Republic Day festivity can be seen at Rajpath, New Delhi, where the President of India raises the national banner, which is trailed by the singing of the national song of devotion and salute by different regiments of the Indian Armed Forces. The day additionally honors the freedom fighters by paying them warm homages and granting the soldiers of Indian forces for their extraordinary demonstration of bravery and courageous mental fortitude in the war zone.

Republic Day parade or march is the main fascination of the 26th January, which exhibits the resistance and fighting abilities of India. The synchronized walk past of the warriors of different regiments of Indian Armed Forces in their full uniform is an eye-getting sight for everybody and fills the core of crowds with energy.

The motorcade is trailed by the tableaux from different states and offices exhibiting the rich culture and traditional values of the country. The beautiful showcase of the pictures makes Rajpath loaded up with liveliness and vitality. The best scene and regiment additionally get granted each year for their best execution in the Republic Day march.

'Beating the Retreat' ceremony is hung on 29th January every year at Vijay Chowk, New Delhi. The function is additionally an official shutting of the Republic Day festivities by extraordinary exhibitions of the forces from all the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces. After the display, the national flag is brought down at night, which formally puts a rest to the multi-day Republic Day festivities.

India is the biggest democracy on the earth, and Republic Day is the celebration of vote based system that reminds us of the sweat and blood spent to accomplish it. It is commanded by every single individual independent of its station, statement of faith or religion, and constructs a country which is joined inside and prepared to defeat all the troublesome difficulties. If we truly need to observe Republic Day in a genuine sense, at that point, every single individual of India should guarantee to work for the advancement of the nation and contribute its level best in the progress and improvement of the country.

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