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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn Format on how to write an educational essay on Rainwater Harvesting, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Rain water harvesting Essay
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Rainwater harvesting includes the collection and storage of rainwater into the natural reservoirs or manmade storages to forestall the surface rainwater overflow. Rainwater harvesting is a procedure of harvesting and putting away rainwater for utilizing it as a reinforcement supply of freshwater to meet regular local and farming requirements, particularly when rainwater turns out to be hardly accessible.

There are a few strategies by which we can harvest rainwater spilling out of our housetops, trench, gardens, fields, backwoods, and different areas. 


Example #1 of Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

Each drop of rainwater resembles the endowments of God to the individuals on the earth. New downpour rainwater falls on the ground like pearls, so everybody ought to comprehend the significance of rainwater, particularly in creating districts and rural zones that need natural rainwater assets.

We should attempt to harvest rainwater without squandering through housetops and alongside roads spillover. We ought to bring our old customary collecting works on utilizing new and viable advancements to make simple rainwater supply in every one of the districts. As just hand siphons, wells, and different assets of groundwater levels can't satisfy the consumable water need of countless individuals.

Rainwater collecting is the most maintainable and compelling path for a long time to make rainwater accessible in the territories lacking rainwater. Rainwater collecting is an easy strategy alongside bunches of advantages. It helps in different purposes like family unit works field rainwater system, domesticated animals, farming, and animal cultivation. 

It helps in reviving the groundwater levels both legitimately and by implication way. Groundwater level can be recharged by rainwater collecting techniques for channels, anicut dams (Which is built in running water), burrowed wells, form, and so on while other rainwater harvesting strategies like underground rainwater tanks, lakes, and so on help in lessening the utilization of groundwater for in any event four to a half year.

It is exceptionally viable in the sloping areas and desert districts of India and different nations. More and cleaner rainwater can be harvested in the blustery season by making enormous and clean rainwater bodies.


Example #2 of Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

These days, individuals have been subject to the administration arrangement of rainwater supply for getting rainwater for all their needs. The present situation of rainwater the board and conveyance in the urban areas has been concentrated by the administration, which had brought a significant hole of network obligation in rainwater the board. It has gradually, however, usually completed the old customary rainwater harvesting framework.

Rainwater harvesting is again another yet old and successful method of harvesting rainwater during the rainy season for future use purposes. It is as a rule as often as possible utilized in different spots of India to defeat the issues of the absence of rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is a decent wellspring of groundwater revive in a natural manner.

In any case, the groundwater level is getting less step by step in view of the quick urbanization and city improvement at a gigantic level just as a decrease in permeation of the rainwater to the ground. Rainwater collecting is the best approach to lessen the utilization of groundwater just as it keeps up its level perpetually later on. It is of more significance to the dry spell locales of India and different nations to supply the requests of rainwater for various purposes. 


Example #3 of Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

We should understand that rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater in the natural assets or misleadingly planned assets to forestall rainwater spillover and satisfy the absence of rainwater later on. The amount of rainwater harvesting is influenced by the number of elements like a recurrence of precipitation, the amount of rainfall, method for harvesting rainwater, and the size of assets to harvest rainwater. The groundwater level is getting exhausted step by step because of different reasons like deforestation and environmental awkwardness.

The expanding level of urbanization and industrialization continually builds the interest for rainwater supply, particularly in urban territories. It brings about the abuse of groundwater and accordingly going low level. The danger of rainwater shortage, later on, has been expanded, all things considered, and can be hazardous if some successful arrangements are not followed. 

Rainwater collecting is exceptionally useful and satisfy different need like energizing the groundwater level, decreases power bill spend in providing rainwater and give simple rainwater supply whenever required. It is evaluated that a 1-meter ascend in the rainwater level spares around 0.4 kWh of power.

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