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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn on how to write an essay on Poverty, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Poverty essay, Essay on Poverty in English 300 Word Essay
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Poverty is characterized as the money related state of an individual, inadequate to continue the indispensable needs of his/her very own family. Any individual or family which can't give a full dinner to the individuals or teach its children for the lack of money is named as poor and experiencing poverty. It is a revile to the general public and limits the financial and social development of a country.

Poverty eradication in a profoundly crowded nation as India could be a huge undertaking; however, it could be accomplished through the determination of the legislature and society. On the planet situation, poverty is an extraordinary worry in the developing, immature, and underdeveloped countries.


Example #1 of Essay on Poverty

Poverty is a human condition that brings sadness, misery, and torment in human life. Poverty is the absence of money and every one of the things required to carry on with a real existence in an appropriate way. Poverty makes a kid unfit to enter the school in adolescence and lives his/her youth in a troubled family.

Poverty is the absence of hardly any rupees to organize bread and butter multiple times day by day, purchase reading material for children, the sadness of guardians liable for the consideration of children, and so on. We can characterize poverty from multiple points of view. It is extremely basic to see poverty in India because a great many people here can't satisfy their fundamental necessities of life.

An enormous level of the populace here is uneducated, hungry and without a home and apparel. It is the fundamental explanation behind the poor Indian economy. Because of poverty, around a large portion of the populace in India is carrying on with a hopeless life.

Poverty makes a circumstance where individuals neglect to get adequate pay so they can't buy essential things. A poor man carries on with his/her existence with no order over essential needs, for example, multiple times nourishment, clean drinking water, apparel, house, legitimate training, and so on.

Individuals who neglect to keep up the base way of life, for example, utilization and nourishment required for presence. There are different explanations behind poverty in India anyway mal conveyance of national pay is likewise an explanation. Low-pay gatherings of individuals are moderately less fortunate than the high-salary group.

Children of low-income families never get an opportunity for appropriate tutoring, legitimate sustenance, and cheerful youth. The most significant explanations behind poverty are the absence of education, corruption, developing populace, poor horticulture, the hole among poor and rich, and so on. 


Example #2 of Essay on Poverty

Poverty speaks to the low quality of life, ignorance, ailing health, absence of fundamental needs, low human asset advancement, and so on. It is the most significant test in developing nations, particularly in India. It is a wonder wherein an area of individuals in the public eye can't satisfy their fundamental necessities of life. It has seen some decrease in the poverty level over the most recent five years (26.1% in 1999-2000 from 35.97% in 1993-94).

It has likewise declined at the state level; for example, in Orissa, it has been dropped to 47.15% from 48.56%, in Madhya Pradesh 37.43% from 43.52%, in UP 31.15% from 40.85%, and in West Bengal 27.02% from 35.66%. Rather than some decrease in poverty in India, it's anything but a matter of satisfaction because the Indian BPL is as yet an exceptionally enormous number (26 crores).

The utilization of some viable projects can kill poverty in India, be that as it may, it needs a joint exertion by everybody, not by the administration as it were. The legislature of India should make some successful systems planning to build up the poor social divisions through key segments like essential training, populace control, family welfare, work creation, and so forth, particularly in the rural regions.


Example #3 of Essay on Poverty

Poverty is a circumstance where individuals stay denied of fundamental necessities of life, for example, deficiency of nourishment, garments, and asylum. The more significant part of the individuals in India can't get their multiple times supper appropriately, stay at the side of the road and wear soiled and old garments. They don't get legitimate and sound sustenance, drugs, and other fundamental things.

Poverty in urban India is expanding a direct result of the expansion in the urban populace as individuals from rural regions like to relocate to the urban communities and towns to get business or do some money-related action. The salary of around eight crore urban individuals is beneath the poverty line, and 4.5 crore urban individuals are on the fringe of the poverty level. An immense number of individuals live in ghettos become ignorant. Disregarding a few activities, there are no good outcomes demonstrated in regards to the decrease in poverty. 

The primary driver of poverty in India is developing populace, inadequate horticulture, debasement, old traditions, a significant gap among poor and rich individuals, joblessness, lack of education, scourge infections, and so on. A colossal level of individuals in India relies upon horticulture, which is weak and causes poverty. By and large, individuals face a deficiency of nourishment as a result of poor farming and joblessness.

The consistently developing populace is additionally the purpose behind poverty in India. More populace implies more nourishment, money, and houses. In the absence of essential services, poverty develops all the more quickly. Turning out to be additional rich and additional poor makes an enormous augmenting hole between the rich and the destitute individuals. Wealthy individuals are developing more extravagant, and destitute individuals are developing less fortunate, which makes a financial hole between the two.

Poverty influences individuals' lives from various perspectives. There are different impacts of poverty, for example, lack of education, less than stellar eating routine, and sustenance, youngster work, poor lodging, poor way of life, joblessness, poor cleanliness, the feminization of poverty, and so forth.

Poor individuals can't orchestrate a sound eating routine, keep up a decent way of life, home, pleasant garments, legitimate training, and so on due to the absence of money, which makes a tremendous distinction among rich and poor. This distinction prompts a lacking nation. Poverty powers little children to do work effortlessly and help their family monetarily as opposed to going to class.

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