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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Child Labor, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Child Labor, Child Labor Essay
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Child labor alludes to the employment of children of the age group of 5 to 17 years, in order to deny them of their adolescence and power them into an existence of hardship and ignorance. The primary factor behind child labor is neediness; this way, it is progressively uncontrolled in creating or immature nations. Children in these nations are regularly constrained in the process of childbirth to enhance the ordinary salary of their families.

Here we are providing the examples of essay writing for you so that you can learn the format on how to write an education essay on Child Labor, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Story writing in English.


Example #1 of Essay on Child Labor

The expression "Child Labor" is utilized to allude to the labor of little children into different parts like enterprises, inns, cultivating, and so on. The term is used principally to signify the labor of children falling in the age group of 5 – 15 years.

Child labor denies the children of their adolescence and appropriate physical and mental development openings. It likewise impressively diminishes a child's likelihood to get instructed and progress throughout everyday life.

In the whole world, around 218 million children in the age group of 5 to 17 years are utilized as child labor. These children are exposed to live in poor sterile conditions and are denied of exceptionally fundamental essential luxuries of life.

They never get a chance to go to class, along these lines driving them into many years of neediness and labor. Laboring in unforeseen weak conditions, they additionally become vulnerable to different sorts of illnesses, and their conditions are once in a while tended to.

Such children are likewise exposed to carry on with the existence of segregation and are not permitted to associate with individuals socially and to make companions play. Such a miserable workplace is upsetting for a child and frequently brings about a few states of mind like despair and so forth. Such children often will, in general, consume medications and different substances, thus bringing about further physical and mental harms. 

There is a need to carefully oversee the divisions inclined to utilize children and force brutal punishments with cash and detainment on them for doing as such.


Example #2 of Essay on Child Labor

Child Labor alludes to physical abuse of the children by connecting with them into any type of labor that denies them of their youth, instruction, development, and advancement and is physically and intellectually hurtful. Severe laws restricting child labor are set up in nations around the globe, including India. However, there is a need to actualize them more successfully than previously. 

The UNICEF, which is - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, a United Nations office, answerable for giving a compassionate and formative guide to children around the globe, states poverty as the most significant reason for child labor in India just as in the other creating and immature nations around the world. 

Because of neediness, children are exposed to labor, to enhance their family's pay. Additionally, the nonappearance of a sufficient educational system in provincial India alongside an absence of mindfulness is likewise a purpose for child labor in India.

There are two kinds of Child Labor existent in India, one is the obligation servitude child labor, and another structure incorporates the work of children to enhance their family's salary. By and by, in the two sorts of child labor, the desire of others is in part or wholly constrained upon the child. 

Owing debtors servitude child labor, a child is utilized for work, through a verbal affirmation or composed understanding, explicitly to clear the obligation taken by his folks from the leaser. Even though the lawmaking body in India restricts the sales of child labor, the occasions of fortified child labor proceed even today.

Another type of child labor is the place the guardians of a child have a concurrence with the business, for utilizing their child to enhance the family's salary. In any case, poverty is the principal factor behind every one of the kinds of child labor in India, just as indifferent pieces of the world. 

Insights gave by the UNICEF uncover that almost 10.1 million children in India are locked in as child labor. These children who are into the age group of 5 to 14 years and comprise of 4.5 million young ladies and 5.6 million young men. Over 90% of child laborers are utilized in rustic India. 

Child Labor in India is progressively predominant in Uttar Pradesh (2.1 million), Bihar (1 million), Madhya Pradesh (0.7 million), Maharashtra (0.72 million), and Rajasthan (0.84 million).

Indian ventures utilizing a significant portion of child laborers in India are cotton industry, matchbox making industry, the horticulture division, and other little disorderly parts.

There are a few laws authorized in India that deny the commitment of children in the workforce. Two of the significant laws are Juvenile Justice (care and insurance) of the Children Act - 2000 and Child Labor (Prohibition and Abolition) Act - 1986. These demonstrations structure the premise of all other child labor laws in India.

Child Labor is a first block to the development of a country and its social and monetary improvement. Even though there are numerous laws to take out child labor, yet they are required to be adequately actualized.

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