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Every Indian wish to live in the corruption-free nation, and this is there biggest dream. Is it true, don’t you think so? In this way, it's such a serious issue for our nation that it turns out to be center of talk for everybody – regardless of whether it's our political pioneers, news media, students or common citizen as far as it is concerned.

Because it is a such a big issue, we have provided here some Speech samples on Corruption Free India as well with the goal that students or individuals who need to cover a speech on Corruption for any event or occasion can get benefited from it.



Example #1 of Speech on Corruption Free India

A Very Warm Good Evening everybody presents here!

Before I start with my speech on 'Corruption Free India,' it would be great to invite all of you to our common hall. I also like to give best wishes to everybody for the effective competition of our past seminars where we had some meaningful debates, yet our NGO advisory group likewise chose specific measures and attempted truly well to progress in the direction of the advancement of our society. 

Presently as your host, for now, I owe the duty to convey a speech on 'Corruption Free India.' Honestly, I don’t feel ashamed in when we talk about our country India and the sort of complicated issues it is going through, and no one can neglect to refer Corruption, which is spread in almost every institution & organization. As a resident of our nation, our lives doubtlessly can't stay untouched of this issue. 

You all will agree with me on the fact that, regardless of where we go, especially any public sectors, whether it's an educational organization or any government division - corruption always pursues. Without bribing the officials, we can't be able to get our work done. The double standards & corrupt practices of our administration authorities have been revealed consistently by various journalists & other activists. 

Also, in case you approach any educational establishment, private organizations specifically for getting admission, it won't happen until and except if you bribe the office head with a substantial sum. It is unfortunate to the point that it's just the common people or poor class who face the effects, and instead of rising high in the social ladder, they end up becoming the victims of corruption. Only the affluent class is not affected by it.

This is mainly the reason behind why the gap among rich and poor ends up so wide & it is challenging to fill, and rich keep on getting to be more richer and poor keep on getting to be less fortunate and poorer. This is the tragic truth of our country as regardless of the numerous activities being taken by the government & NGOs, it is getting harder to get rid of this issue from our country.

Having said that we couldn't stop dreaming of corruption-free India and subsequently we should work tirelessly towards making our nation a great land to live in. The significant onus of freeing India from all corrupt activities lies on the shoulder of our children, who are going to manage the country in the future. If our youth will be shown great moral qualities and empower all-encompassing development of their characters then absolutely we can take our country's development numerous steps higher. 

Furthermore, it is essential to raise the status of the lower class & marginalized people and give them an equal chance for education so that they can progress socially & financially. In this way, we will not only eradicate corruption and poverty from our society but also helps in the all-round progress of the country.

So, in the end, I like everyone here to share their feelings on the issue and propose some solid suggestions which can be taken to battle corruption.

Thank you, everybody.


Example #2 of Speech on Corruption Free India

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Committee Members, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Friends!

I welcome everybody to our school hall and need to extend my gratitude to our regarded head, and every one of our teachers for making planning this event and gracing the event with their wishes.

Dear Fellow Students, I have accepted this excellent opportunity on the eve of Independence Day to discuss the most relevant issue that our nation is going through, for example, Corruption and how we can battle this issue with the goal that a firm establishment for Corruption Free India can be set down.

I am here not to give you a dim, grim image of our country; however, we additionally can't choose to ignore the social evils of our society, of which corruption is the irreplaceable part. We all know that we live on a multi-cultural land where individuals from various religions live respectively and take part in one another's celebrations and festivities.

We as a country are socially and historically rich, having extraordinary sculptures and landmarks for the world to have a look with surprise and marvel. We can't neglect to mourn at the miserable political and monetary condition of our nation where corruption has unfavorably affected its economy and consequently, the credibility of our government organizations. Unmistakably, corruption not just has kept the economy of our nation from accomplishing new heights; however, its inescapability has hindered India's overall growth & government policies. 

Do we have any thoughts on how and in what extent corruption makes an impact in our lives where we end up ending up either as a victim or a facilitator of these corrupt practices? The primary sources of corruption in India comprise of the ridiculous guidelines, the need for straightforward procedures and laws, complicated taxation and permitting systems, different public offices working not in a transparent way. There are striking variations in the corruption level and in the efforts of the administration to control the seriousness of corruption the country over the state. 

Indeed, in our everyday lives, we go over numerous effects of corruption. For example, if we are looking for admission in a decent school or any prestigious institution, it can't occur till the time we bribe the officials or the working staff. Or there will be consequences, if we are qualified to function as a government official, we can't get the entry, in spite of coming in the merit list, unless we give the authorities their required sum.

There is no doubt on the way that - if we as a country can cooperate to remove corruption from our nation, or even diminish it to the dimensions of such thriving economies, like UK or Singapore. Then that day won't be a long when seeing India's GDP growth at a never seen rate. 

Thank you all


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